1. You can make one million dollars a year with little tertiary education
    2. You meet lots of interesting different people every day
    3. You get happy by serving people and see them get happy
    4. You make other people wealthy by investing in the best asset in the world and they make money while they sleep
    5.You can control the pace of the work. You can work hard or work easy
    6. You gain market intelligence which can help you make sound decisions about investing in real estate yourself
    7. The more successful you become , the more you develop as a person
    8. The time period between response and reward is small. Some of the best agents have been around for less than 5 yrs . You could not do that in the medical profession .
    9. You do not have a boss. Whether you are a salesperson or principal you have control of your destiny.
    10. The competition is not hard. It is over crowded with mediocrity and has plenty of room for decent people who are happy to work hard and serve people with integrity and skill.