Top 8 resources to build an Attraction Business model and give you the potential to double your income:

  1. Master the AREC 2012 Scripts and Dialogues
  2. Subscribe and listen to Real Estate Uncut podcasts where real estate industry leaders and I provide mentoring and training
  3. Use For What It’s Worth as part of your pre-listing kit to get more vendor paid marketing
  4. Hang out with Mat Steinwede at his online Facebook community
  5. Watch the movie the Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith and then join me at AREC 2013 to the real guy Chris Gardner tell his story on “Life, Legacy & The Pursuit of Happyness”
  6. Getting supper organised with a time management application (the one I use is “THINGS”  from the app store)
  7. Master the Attraction Agents’ 10 Laws of Real Estate Negotiation
  8. Find someone who is writing $1M in GCI and spend an hour with them asking them everything you want to ask. Simply call them and say “I really admire you and your results, and I would love it if I could buy you lunch or a coffee” – yes it’s really that simple!


So tell me, who would you like to have coffee with and why?


Coming up over the next few weeks are video interviews with John Mcgrath, Charles Tarbey, Michael Finger and John Cunningham.