Do any of these describe you? I name and shame the worst agents 😤

01:45 – #1. The Arsonist: They will set fire and destroy the sale of other listings even when they have nothing to gain

04:02 – #2. The Cruncher: These are transactional agents; they quote high prices then smash vendors down like a sledgehammer

06:12 – #3. The Rescuer: They get too emotionally attached and care more about being liked rather than getting the deal done

08:01 – #4. The Flashy One: They dress like they’re on the reality TV show: Million Dollar Listing. The irony is that most of them are broke

09:38 – #5. The Cowboy: They are the shifty, commission-breath, clueless agent

10:31 – #6. The Economist: They will obsess over property values. These agents are repressed financial advisors

13:20 – #7. The Builder: They are more interested in the structure of the property, rather than selling the property

14:23 – #8. The Legal Eagle: These agents are repressed lawyers

15:54 – #9. The Training Junkie: They are ‘script and dialogue’ robots with very little personality

17:36 – #10. The Psychopath: These are malicious people who belong in jail

Any that I’ve missed? Comment below

If you know someone who fits these criteria, forward it to a colleague so you can laugh together!