Before you start 2021, get a big poster done in your home studio, at your office, and in your car with the words N-E-X-T. Remember, don’t make a bad call look like a bad day, and don’t make a bad day look like a bad year, move on!

Take notes on these ’21 Mindset Hacks for 2021′ and beyond!

  1. Don’t take things personally
  2. Always do your best
  3. Never assume
  4. Fix problems when small
  5. It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you
  6. Nothing breeds failure like success
  7. Stop selling-start solving
  8. Hustle beats talent
  9. More calls = More money
  10. NEXT
  11. The 4 minute Rule
  12. 10 calls before 10am
  13. There are no blind dates in business
  14. Process trumps motivation
  15. What you measure you manage
  16. What gets schedule gets done
  17. Play the long game
  18. Energy is a choice
  19. 80% of winning is beginning
  20. Perfect vs Better
  21. Make your word impeccable

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