7 day Kick Start

This 7 day Kick-Start coaching program that you can do in your time on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer can help you:
– Design your 12 month blueprint
– Schedule activities to get you into more listing presentations
– Create business and prospecting plans with a clear ACTION templates to achieve more sales
– Become the healthiest and most energised you have ever been in your life

The way you start your year is generally how your year unfolds. You now have the opportunity to start your year with skin in the game and prove to yourself that you are committed to being the best you.

Here’s how the 7 day Kick-Start coaching program is designed to transform your life:

DAY 1:

Abundance & Possibility

DAY 2:

The Science of Change

DAY 3:

The Million Dollar Agent Goal Setting Process

DAY 4:

Your 12 month Real Estate Blue Print

DAY 5:

Real Estate Fit

DAY 6:

New Scripts and Dialogues

DAY 7:

The Modern Agent in the Connection Economy

A good auctioneer is identified not when there are 17 people registered to bid on a “screamer” but the true ability is displayed on a property where there may only be 1 or 2 people registered and no one wants to go first. A good auctioneer has the innate ability to sense the mood and rhythm of what pace should be used to allow “momentum bidding.

A good auctioneer will have the ability to truly connect with bidders and engage them during a time where these bidders have most likely put on their defence shield.”

“Conversely, a bad auctioneer can end up being your worse nightmare. They are boring and repetitive. It creates a restless environment where people begin to fidget. At their worse they can be insulting to buyers.

Is the choice of auctioneer important? Absolutely! If you choose a bad auctioneer you are undoing 4-5 weeks of marketing and hard work in one minute.

This program is only available to members in the Real Estate Gym

Companies & People
Tom Worked With

“Tom Panos is an absolute standout and thought provoking leader in the real estate coaching and speaking field.”
I accompanied a group of our people to attend Tom Panos marketing seminar in Perth in 2011 and found him to be an impressive speaker with amazing material based on coal face experience in real estate but his own story to both inspirational and powerful.
Geoff Baldwin

MD and Regional Owner, RE/MAX Western Australia

“Tom is an expert when it comes to advertising and marketing best practice in Australia.He has a deep understanding on the topic and real estate agents highly benefit by implementing his ideas. I always enjoy listening to his engaging style of presentation.”
Georg Chmiel

CEO, LJ Hooker

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