Tom Panos 00:00

and I’m actually pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think. I’m just looking even at our Zoom audience, I thought everyone has gone a Mykonos. I thought everyone has headed off and gone overseas. In fact, I dropped my wife and my daughter to the airport on the weekend and the lines were massive. However, there are people that are still here and you’re going to use it to your advantage, team, And I’ll tell you why. Because right now, while they’re overseas, your competitors are overseas. You can make a ruckus, You can make noises. People are confused. They don’t know. They hear that there’s a mini boom in some parts of the market. Then they hear that the market’s about to go into recession, And the gentleman that I use for any social media marketing I do is Jordan. He is an amazing operator, Jordan Bain. I would consider him and position him as a brand and growth expert specialist. How are you, Jordan?

Jordan Bain 00:58

Very good, my friend, Good to see you again. Tell me good to be back.

Tom Panos 01:02

Good to see you as well. Long overdue, Long overdue The thing I like about you, brother. I’ll tell you what it is Unlike. there’s a lot of people that have got this big sales message in the world of digital, I’m going to get you 153 leads in the next eight weeks if you do this right. So they jump in and then I have a chat with them in the coaching session. Oh yeah, mate, She promised a lot, or he promised a lot, Mate. In the end, I was going to appraisals and people would say to me mate, I didn’t even want you to come out here, Right, But you’re more aligned to. How do you actually become this attraction agent that’s got eminence in the market, has got magnetic pulling power, but not over promising and saying you’ll get 30 appraisals if you run this ad. What’s your approach, Jordan, with social media and branding on digital?

Jordan Bain 02:08

Well, you’ve got to look at it like every day prospecting, right? I mean whether you’re prospecting online or prospecting offline, there’s not a great deal of difference, right? You’ve got to look at online prospecting, as you say smarter, more cost-effective way to prospect. Now, let’s face it, let’s address the elephant in the room from day dot It’s not going to replace traditional prospecting. If you think into these, then you’re living under a rock. But if you can extract the good DNA bits and pieces from traditional prospecting so if we’re to look at phone canvassing, door knocking, letterbox shopping, for example, there’s a lot of good things still in those strategies. Let’s face it, if you’re not doing those things on a daily basis, then you’re going to be left behind anyway. But if you can extract the good bits and pieces from those traditional strategies and pair them with the new school of social media and digital. now let’s face it from a traditional prospecting perspective.


what are your two objectives? Get in front of someone, but also create awareness around you as an agent, particularly if it’s a cold core or if someone doesn’t know who you are. So social media is no different. All you’re really trying to do is accelerate your introduction to more people or get in front of more people, keep your brand positioned in front of more people and collect genuine opportunities.


And I guess we’re very different today. We try and focus a lot more on quality over quantity. when it comes to lead gen, i guess we’re not really talking too much about lead gen today, but if we were to talk about lead gen, i would say if you want to generate quality leads through social media rather than generate 30 to 50 cold leads, then you’ve got to focus on building your brand to begin with anyway, because if someone’s actually thinking about selling, they’re not going to list their house with someone or even give their details to someone that they don’t know like and trust. So branding is always the foundational pivot point, and then that will create a steady flow of leads, if leads are important.

Tom Panos 04:02

And I think Jordan, even though I’m not an agent myself, i’m in the business of getting business and its clients and its speaking and its training and its coaching. And it’s really interesting because when I do get an inquiry from someone, one of the first questions I ask them and I do this unconsciously now because I know how the conversation is going to go I’ll say to them firstly, can I ask you who referred you to me and are you aware of what I do in my approach? The minute they say I follow you on social, in my head the f*** sales been done.

Jordan Bain 04:40

It’s been done.

Tom Panos 04:40

That’s all I’m waiting for to see. Are they in my tribe? Have they got the gist of what I’m about? If they turn around and say no, no, no, listen, i was googling and you came up, i think to myself I don’t have trust and a relationship with that client now, whereas if they have been in the tribe, they’ve got my vibe, if you know what I mean.

Jordan Bain 05:05

Love that. You know what that’s called as well. We’re going to talk about today, but brand equity, brand equity we’re probably jumping ahead here because I want to talk about this later in the conversation, but let’s give the nugget straight away. Basically, the way I position my brand and agent’s brands, and even whenever we work with you, of course, as well, it’s to try and I tend to look at my audience’s subconscious mind as like a piggy bank, as crazy as it sounds.


Look at your subconscious, whether you’re an agent or a marketer or Tom Panos. Look at your audience’s mind as a piggy bank. All you’re trying to do is deposit a coin, a brand coin, into their subconscious piggy bank every single day. If you can get in front of sellers or agents or whoever you’re trying to target, if you can get in front of your ideal audience 6, 12, 18 months before they decide to make a decision, you can imagine every time they see an ad from you in their newsfeed or an organic post, even every single time it’s deposited into their subconscious piggy bank. You can imagine over time and what you’ve done, particularly with yours, particularly those who say I’ve been following you on socials for the last eight months. The imagine the amount of equity that you’ve begun to build in their subconscious right.

Tom Panos 06:21

The coins have begun to build up, so it is Gary Vaynerchuk actually named the book over that, which is jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, right hook, right hook, that’s the same concept, isn’t it? Exactly the same concept. You’re going to fill that jar of credibility with jellybeams, right, right, because at the end of the day, the guy with the most jellybeams wins. So it’s basically the guy that’s I’m stealing that, tommy.

Jordan Bain 06:48

That’s great, you’ve just made it through.

Tom Panos 06:49

You’ve just made it through, yeah it’s so true, But can I ask you like, apart from the obvious, why is building a personal brand important for someone in real estate?

Jordan Bain 07:02

Look, it’s the no-liking trust mantra. Let’s face it. One thing I want to really talk about around personal branding, opposed to agency brands. I speak to a lot of principals in this space, of course, as well. To me, the importance of personal branding is because we’re coming into a day and age where we all know the trust for real estate agencies is already as low as it’s ever bloody being. People are buying people before they buy businesses these days, or organization and companies. If you’re sitting behind the lead agent that you’re working with personal brand, or if you’re sitting behind the office reputation or whatever it might be you’ve got to start pushing that to secondary, making your personal brand the priority, because people don’t buy agencies anymore. It doesn’t matter what agency you’re working for. Gone are those days. It’s important yet because the no-liking trust factor is paramount. If people don’t trust you I mean if they don’t know and know and like you then you’ve got no chance anyway. But even if they do know and like you but don’t trust you, then you’re screwed as well.


Let’s take one of your lines, tommy Frequency builds trust, trust creates the opportunity. If you’re not building trust around your personal brand, then what’s the point? The no-liking trust is a big thing for me. I think having that trust factor will just get you the opportunity that you might not have had previously. But also it’s an autopilot thing A lot of the time. Your brand, your personal brand, is working for you when you’re sleeping. As long as you have the right strategy in place and the right concepts around that strategy, it’s working for you while you’re sleeping.

Tom Panos 08:42

At some point Jordan, I think at some point, and I know this is weird coming from me who tells agents prospect, prospect, prospect. But there’s got to be a point in your real estate career where branding overtakes prospecting, because the quality, the quality of those leads is significantly higher when they come to you than you reaching out. And I’m not saying drop prospecting, but what I’m saying is, if you look at any great agent across Australia, New Zealand, anywhere in the world, what you’ll notice is that their branding is generating more leads than their prospecting is.

Jordan Bain 09:22

Absolutely. I mean, how many people can you speak to in one day? I mean, i’m sure your A-grade prospect is probably hitting 60 to 80 people a day, tops right In terms of connects from prospecting. And even still, you do that every single day, day, day, day out. I’ll never tell people to stop prospecting, either My sales team. They prospect religiously as well. But if you can add a second element, it’s almost like an associate. I speak to a lot of agents who are doing between 300 to 800K in GCI right, and the first thing I say to those agents is don’t go on, hire an associate, implement a branding strategy that’s going to do the juridic, the heavy lifting for you. So if you’re at that point of going, okay, well, i’m pushing closer to three and tell me what’s the level. Where do you normally recommend someone to put on an associate?

Tom Panos 10:08

300?, three to five Three to five Five hundred.

Jordan Bain 10:12

So if you’re kind of approaching that point at the moment, rather than going, okay, what’s it going to cost me 60, 70 grand a year in a wage, why not just focus on building my presence and then have business come to me as a byproduct of that right? Because that’s really what lead generation is. If you look at the top agents in the country, they don’t have this whiz bang, lead generation strategy or social media experts or whatever it might be, but what they have is a strong personal brand And business comes to them as a byproduct of that personal brand. So you’ve got to really set the foundations. Forget about lead generation.


Lead generation is sure we talk about lead generation with my clients, but that’s secondary. I tell people straight away if you get any genuine leads in the first two to three months, that’s off to you. Well done, because take that as a gift. Because what you’ve got to really focus on is building the presence to begin with, and then the leads that come to you as a byproduct of building that personal brand in your area, building the authority a second to none. So really, the brand presence is more important than anything else.

Tom Panos 11:14

And I was having a conversation with a veteran in real estate today that’s been in it for 50 years, and we were talking about old real estate, new real estate. We’re talking about life before real estatecom. He was in real estate before even franchises exist And he said to me mate, what do you think? Do you think it’s harder for a person to crack it now in real estate than back then? I said listen, people are better, i get it. The skill level is better. I mean, we’ve got uni graduates that now come into real estate versus in the old days, people that couldn’t get into uni wanted to wear a suit and came at age.


But I said, i actually think you can build a personal brand at an astonishing speed in 2023. Whereas 15 years ago you were so dependent on having an office, having a lot of marketing and being the one that had the 30 pages in the paper right, and you were sort of hiding behind it. Often your name wasn’t even in the ads. There are some companies that would just have the phone number, but now Jordan, people, at an astonishing speed, can build a relationship using social media in their mind, you’ve nailed it.

Jordan Bain 12:29

And one thing that I talk about in real estate I was always around in my real estate career and I’m 12 years in I was always around with the real estatecom and domaincoms are around. So for me I had to build market share. If I wanted authority, if I wanted to build a personal brand, i needed market share in my core markets. Now it took me five years to build I think it was only 15 to 20% market share in one suburb And then I had to try and obviously duplicate that presence into the neighboring suburbs and try and build it in that area. So in a traditional sense and let’s excuse, i’m 32. So before, excuse my age group of people who are prior to real estatecom. But for the people who are the real estatecom, domaincom areas, you’ve kind of got two avenues. You can go here You can spend three to five years, right, three to five years, to consistently hold 20 to 30% market share in your core markets. And I say consistently and that goes on top of the two to three years it takes you to build that database, to even have that level of authority, to even build that. So let’s call that five to seven years to build an authority figure in your marketplace. Traditionally that’s what I mean, tommy, to be giving it traditionally meaning real estate or common signboards You can build. Imagine hitting people’s new speeds every single day for 12 to 18 months. You can pretty much accelerate what would normally happen.


Now, sure, there’s the people out there who are saying hold up, there’s no track record behind you. Of course, you got to back it up with a track record and you need to have that level of stock behind you, but it’s getting you in the door And you wouldn’t have previously been in that lounge room. If you’ve only got 5% market share but you’ve got 100% of attention online, you’re getting in the door. If you’re not getting in the door, you’re very least getting on the shopping list. Then, once you’re on the shopping list, you got to do your work from there and jazz it up. But it’s an opportunity that you wouldn’t have had previously without having your personal brand front and center in front of people every single day. So that’s the power of it. It can create opportunities you wouldn’t have had previously And, as you said, to back up, what you mentioned before about building the brand is you can do it in a far more accelerated pace than what it would have taken in the real estatecom domain Jordan is there any tips that you can share?

Tom Panos 14:50

Like let’s assume someone’s watching this and they’re saying you know what Jordan spot on. Having a good personal brand is important and we all know that, but we’ve talked about the reasons. Why are the things that you can suggest that can fast track and accelerate your personal brand?

Jordan Bain 15:07

Absolutely. Let’s give people some practical stuff to take away and actually go and implement, because I know first before I sort of answered that question as well, tommy, i know that there’s a lot of stuff floating around. Agents are almost paralyzed by too much information at the moment. So let’s keep it super simple. What is the goal of every single agent in Australia and New Zealand at the moment? Get more opportunities. Right, plain and simple. Number one get more opportunities. So let’s keep it simple in creating more of those opportunities. So the way, an example I like to use and now’s a perfect time because we’ve all just finished up with Eric What was it last month? What was it last month? So here’s an idea for you. I want people to think about a niche market.


Okay, not so much just listing in a niche market, and I don’t mean okay, i just sell real estate in X suburb, that’s not a niche market. What I refer to as a niche market is I just sell or create content around a niche market. So let’s say, for example, what I used to do a lot of content around was ready renovators. That’s what I used to call it because I was too young. I was selling in like Ashgrove, paddington, red Hill of the Brisbane market super competitive.


I was really young, a lot of older heads around me and they didn’t really want to sell the ready renovators. But for me, i’d sell the ready renovators, sell it to a builder, they do it up and then flick it on and I’ll get the double sale. So I’d look it up and be like, brilliant, i’m going to become an expert in ready renovators. So then what I’ve begun to do is I’ve begun to build content around buying ready renovators. Now agents get a bit confused by this. We think that everyone already knows everything about our product already. They don’t, you know. You got to share content around that. So whether it’s ready renovators or waterfront properties or I love that.

Tom Panos 16:51

What you’re saying is narrow your focus so they can start seeing you as this like you’re an expert, you’re a specialist, like in medicine, you got your GPs right, they get by. But the guys that you’ve got to queue up for a year and you pay top dollar for is the E-note throat specialist, the oncologist, the ophthalmologist right, and what they do is like they’re just very narrow focus. And I’m just thinking of another example. There’s a client of mine Kaloshee, jay and Michael Kaloshee.


Their niche is Monaco Place, i think Monaco Crescent or Monaco is the street right And they’re just obsessed with this street because that street there is a gold mine, expensive property. They want to have market share, But what you’re saying is it could be seaside apartments in an area It could be the boarding house specialist.

Jordan Bain 17:53

Here’s a gold one First time sellers. That’s a very vague one. The first time sellers. How many first time sellers are just lost in this maze of real estate? First time sellers? it doesn’t have to be a specific product. It could be a specific audience, even Retirees, whatever it might be. Or again, whatever it is, find a niche inside our real estate niche And then so you’ve got the real estate industry, you’ve got your suburb or your area. Find a niche again inside that.


Now I’m not saying to me to just listen, sell that style of product. I mean, just create content around that particular product. Right, because let’s face it. Let’s take my one because it’s easy for me to talk about. Let’s take ready renovators. Again, i don’t sell anymore When I was selling. That’s what I always try and focus on. So when I talk, then all of a sudden you create different pieces of content throughout the week. Because how many of your clients and my clients every single day, tom, just sitting there, wake up every day going s***, i’ve got to make some content, i’ve got to put something on Facebook today, but I don’t know what to do. I’m just paralyzed by all these ideas. As soon as you narrow your focus to having one niche and just talk relentlessly about that one niche, all of a sudden the ideas of creating content is super, super easy. So, for example, ready renovators. Let’s say, for example, that’s my niche. I wake up one morning and I do a market wrap video handheld. Don’t worry about professional photos of videographers. Iphone quality is optimized higher on Facebook and Instagram anyway. Why? Because they’re trying to encourage people to create more content. So don’t worry about getting this professional body media team to come follow you around, get your phone out, record yourself.


Talk about a market wrap. Don’t sit there and do a point and shoot so much. Talk about walk around a property and make it more real focus. But talk about the ready Reddit, like the dual wrappers that have sold in the area recently, and then what those builders have then gone and done already renovators have gone on and done and what they’ve sold for later on. There’s one piece of content. So market wrap around that property. Here’s another one, here’s a really good one. Don’t just create market wraps. Create what will X amount get you in X suburb. So let’s say, for example, i have I list $800,000 properties in Ashgrove in Brisbane. So rather than saying here’s the market wrap of what’s selling in the area. Go to one of your $800,000 listings and walk through it.


And say hey, this is what $800,000 will get you in Ashgrove, rather than just doing something generic. the amount of engagement you get from that will be far increased. There’s a second piece of content. There we are. We’re already up to two. Another one is before and afters. So before and afters can be in any type of property, but let’s face it, if it’s renovators before and afters, people are going to eat that up. So, and then, whatever it might be, go and speak to some people who are here when I go probably a little bit off topic, but not so much in the niche market. Have you ever seen those Daniel Mack videos? What do you do for a living? They walk up to those guys in the cars.

Tom Panos 20:58

Yes, yes, yes.

Jordan Bain 21:00

Right, i was talking to a couple of guys in my Facebook group the other day. And here’s a doll, here’s a piece of gold for everyone. Go and do this, please, please, please, believe me, go and do this. Go and find a local business owner and walk up to him with your hand. Now, pretty warning, obviously. But hey, tom, what do you do for a living? Let’s say, for example, you own the local cafe or the local mechanics, whatever it might be. Hey, tom, what do you do for a living? Oh, i’m the local cafe owner at Blah Blah X, y Z cafe Great. What do you love about living in this area? Oh, i love this, this and this Great. If someone was looking to move into this area, what advice would you give them, right? So there’s another piece to find out. Now, again, that final one’s probably a little bit off topic to your niche, but the first four are gonna be very focused on your niche, and then you do more of it, you know.

Tom Panos 21:49

And I’ve got to say there’s a guy on the Instagram TikTok called Fonz. He’s a bit of a ticker. Do you know that guy Fonz? He goes up to people.

Jordan Bain 21:58

Oh yeah, i think I’ve seen this. Yeah, he’s a bit like a Daniel Mack one.

Tom Panos 22:02

Yeah, anyway. so he rocks up to a property I’m doing a week ago or, sorry, two weeks ago. There he is, he’s wearing his shorts, his hair’s all over the place. He goes oh mate, you know we’re here to do a video. He’s got another young guy there And this guy here looks like he’s just got out of bed, hasn’t made one effort. but you won’t believe it. I go, let’s do it. They’ve got two mobile phones, that’s all.


One phone is like, used as voice My daughter And the other one and he just turns around and he says to his mate he goes, mate, just put it at eye level. That’s as far as they went with video production, right?

Jordan Bain 22:40

Anyway, cut a long story short And follow me around right. Yeah, that’s what you do.

Tom Panos 22:45

Yes, so, jordan, i go to him. I go, mate. I thought I said the company that’s paid you, the agent, had paid him to come over to do this. Right, i go, mate. They said to me that you were doing something big here. He goes. It is big And he goes, mate, he goes. When we’re finished, this is gonna have five million views. I said what with a mobile phone? He goes. Oh, he goes. If we don’t use a mobile phone, it won’t get the views.


So it’s what you basically said. So I go on and I start looking at what they’ve posted in the past. And he’s right, it was just on mobiles. So I don’t think the excuse of building a brand I don’t have a video production company or I don’t have a videographer or I don’t have a media studio or any of that I don’t think. I think if you’ve got a mobile phone and you’ve got knowledge and what you’re saying is make that knowledge hyper-focus to a very narrow segment, so you stand out in that segment. but what you’re also saying you’re also saying it doesn’t mean you’re not gonna sell non-renovated properties or non-waterfront You still. it’s just that your core activity of your prospecting is positioning you as this go-to person.

Jordan Bain 23:54

Absolutely, you might already do 10, 15, 20, 25 sales a year, but this is an easy opportunity to add in an extra five or 10 deals a year just in this one niche market. So, absolutely, i think it’s. I think there’s a wide open door for it, because people aren’t focusing that deep on it. But number the other second thing to probably keep in mind here, tommy, is there’s a wide open door on social media. Everyone thinks that everyone’s on, and sure everyone’s on social media, but no one’s doing it effectively, no one’s building their brand on social media. So there are a couple of things I do I’d focus on. Just focus on quantity of content. If you’re doing it organically, just focus on quantity of content. Don’t worry about the quality of it. Even if it’s s***, someone’s gonna watch it And someone’s gonna tell you even if it’s s***, probably you’ll get more people watching because it’s so raw, you know.

Tom Panos 24:48

Mate, i put a post off about a week ago and I must have had the wrong setting because there was no volume, right, there’s no sound. So I’ve shot it and it’s gone for a minute, yet this thing still got 3,000 views and a lot of people. and I’m thinking to myself I actually get better stuff when I don’t say anything, right, and there’s people commenting oh by the way, i know what you mean, but I can’t hear you. So even something that had nothing in there, still got engaged.

Jordan Bain 25:20

That engaged the comments would have been going crazy. So the algorithm would have been see they’re going. This thing’s going off just from the comments alone.

Tom Panos 25:28

Hey, one more for you, tommy, actually on do’s and don’ts.

Jordan Bain 25:31

One more thing that pisses me off Don’t here cup two, two do’s and don’ts I’m going to talk about. Don’t post a photo of your listing, okay. Don’t post a photo of your listing. Post a photo of you in front of your listing, okay, because how many times do you and I scroll through Facebook or Instagram and we see listing apps and listings boring as beige paint? It’s like, oh my God, I’m sick of seeing it. So people are going to follow you for your listings, like you look at any Instagram or Facebook account and you’re like I love that.

Tom Panos 26:03

I just thought about it. I love that. Jordan man, listen, take a photo of it on your phone, even if it’s the real estatecom ad. use that as the green screen, your green screen. Right, and then just appear in it. Hey, i’m sitting in front of you know Fort Fitzroy Street and more, and get chatting. I reckon that’s a great idea.

Jordan Bain 26:27

Yeah, even if it’s not. Look, there’s a lot of people out there and I’m not going to make excuses for them. But even the ones who are too scared to jump on in front of camera, start by just getting yourself, even if it’s a still image, just getting yourself. Get one of your colleagues to take a photo of you looking sharp inside of the front facade right And then post that rather than your generic hero shot. Just listed The second dos and don’ts. Stop posting rate my agent bloody reviews, because all you’re promoting is rate my agent right. So the amount of times.


I saw one the other day. I’m on the sun trunk coast so I saw one the other day. Someone had shared can’t remember who it was, so it doesn’t matter anyway, but they shared the rate my agent of the review, the writing, and I’m like no one’s gonna look at this right. Here’s another. Here’s a dos and don’ts for the rate my agent reviews, rather than posting your review directly from rate my agent.


Same deal get a photo or, better yet, a video, but let’s start with a photo. Get a photo of you and your seller, or you and your buyer in front of the sold sign out front of the house. Everyone’s small and make sure you’re in the photo, make sure the agent in the photo personal branding right. So get a photo of you and your clients in front and then post the review, the ad, the copy of the review, the writing as the you know the buyer or whatever it might be, or below, but it’s a personal branded image all of a sudden and people love that. People wanna see social proof. People don’t trust. Let’s be real. Do people even trust rate my agent reviews anymore or any of that stuff.

Tom Panos 28:05

Listen, i think I automatically don’t get me wrong. I think reviews are important because I will go off and I’ll do, as a consumer, my own digital interview and read up myself. But when someone actually takes a review and posts it, i mean what are they seriously? are they gonna actually go post a s*** review? They’re not gonna do that right. So I know that when I see it all, i think to myself predictable, boring. That’s what I expected, and you haven’t even got the creativity of finding something else to post, so you’re sending me back, you know, a review, 100%, 100%.

Jordan Bain 28:47

And I agree again, you need the reviews to create the credibility, absolutely. But, yeah, certainly, just don’t post your review, particularly if it’s got rate my agent branding all over it first. I wouldn’t be doing that anyway. So yeah, there’s another doing don’t get a photo of your vendors, photo of your sellers. That type of engagement is huge. All of my clients, that’s the. If they’re struggling to get content, that’s the first content piece they’re telling me go and get, go and get some success stories if you and your sellers in front of a sold site, because it’s social proof, that’s all people wanna see these days, social proof. Okay, they’ve done it for someone else in the past, so You know what I’d love to do, jordan.

Tom Panos 29:27

I’d love, at our next meeting and let’s try and do it, you know, late July or August if we could actually spend 30 minutes and do a topic on how to grow a following right, because I know that we’re gonna touch on it, but I reckon it’s a big subject that people wanna talk about, right, and I wanna do it as a separate video, which is more about how to get more people to look at your stuff.

Jordan Bain 29:54

And it’s easy. It’s easy if you wanna put in the time. This is the other thing people don’t wanna put in the time of building a personal brand. They’re happy to put in the time to build their database, but why should it be any different? I mean, ultimately, if you spend the time building a following, that’s a second database, you know I mean, the alternative to that is there’s a shortcut to everything. Oh no, it’s not a shortcut to everything. I’ll take that back. The hack to building a quick following is also running ads. But the other thing you gotta be strategic with your ads and you’ve gotta back it up with some organic stuff involved. But absolutely, mate, let’s talk about that. Can we do?

Tom Panos 30:34

that as the next topic. Now, guys and girls, jordan Bain fastest way to track you down. I’ve already got clients like. I was having a coaching session with a client of mine today who’s really happy using you. I referred him to Helen and Neil.

Jordan Bain 30:49

Manny, i’m a second coast. Yes, yes, love those two, love those guys.

Tom Panos 30:56

And yeah, they’re actually like she’s thinking the right stuff. She says Tom, i need to get my connections up, i need to do this. So I’m actually thinking of actually just having this social media side not distracting me and doing just the little stuff, but having someone else, and I think she’s either speaking to you or she’s already had that conversation.

Jordan Bain 31:18

Yeah, she’s been on board for a while.

Tom Panos 31:20

Yeah. so, Jordan, how do I get onto you? What’s the?

Jordan Bain 31:23

Look, i’m a social media guy, so social media is probably the easiest way to get me Jordan at JordanBainio on Instagram or JordanKBain on Facebook. So Facebookcom or JordanKBain, either, or send me a DM. But look, i’ll probably let’s face it, i’ll probably show up with my personal branding. I love this stuff. So from a personal branding side of things, let’s be real, i’ll probably show up in advance.

Tom Panos 31:45

You shop on people’s rules.

Jordan Bain 31:46

Exactly so. They’re gonna see me or they’re gonna find me. They probably can’t hide from me, and that is personal branding. That’s probably one thing to leave the guys with is the amount of times people are seeing my ads in their newsfeed. Imagine replacing my ads with their own ads and hitting sellers in their area.


So it’s just about staying top of mind. Top of mind and same deal, like. I’ve been doing this for five or six years now, tom. But I’ve got guys who have been following my content for years, five or six years and they’ve only just booked a call. So or just booked in with me or just wanted to work with me. So it’s no different from a vendor’s perspective. Who says that a vendor’s gonna be ready to go tomorrow? But if you’re consistently keeping your brand top of mind over a period of time, it’s exactly the same as prospecting. So yeah, further to that, i think people need to start looking at social media as an additional associate that can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you but doesn’t require any training, doesn’t take any sick leave, doesn’t take holidays. It’s just gonna consistently work around the clock for you at a fraction of the cost of a full-time salary. So yeah, absolutely gold, absolutely gold. Do as I like.

Tom Panos 32:55

We’ve got in the chat box for those on Zoom, those on Facebook Susan I’m sure is gonna put it in the comment section, but those we put it into the chat box. There are his details that you can get a hold of Yeah, thanks, susan.


We’ll talk to you next month. I think this is a positive story, and the reason it’s a positive story is anyone that’s sitting here that can get serious about it can actually build a personal brand at an astonishing speed. You can go from zero to hero very quickly in brand awareness these days. One of the reasons is that you’re building. it’s like you’re the owner of the TV channel. You’re the producer, you’re the director, you own the TV channel yourself and you can choose how you’re positioned in that TV channel And listen right to see That’s what the TV channels do already anyway.


Position it exactly the way they wanna They position it. yeah. So I would turn around and say you’d rather be positioned the way you wanna be positioned than the way a current affair might wanna position you, which you’re not gonna. it’s not gonna be a good positioning, alrighty. Thanks, tommy, just in case there’s a question here is it best to produce organic content and then use the best performing ones? that’s paid ads, thomas.

Jordan Bain 34:19

Whitman Yeah, good question, really good question. I wanna say no. I wanna say no, and this is what a lot of people do do, because they feel as though it’s a shortcut. You’ve got it. organic content and advertising content have very different strategies, okay. So organic content, very quickly, is purely there, more so to create credibility around your business, whereas an ad is positionally perfectly designed to generate an outcome. So it’s probably too late in the conversation to go deep into organic versus paid content, tommy. But yeah, to put it simply, no, the answer is no. you probably shouldn’t be doing that.

Tom Panos 35:03

Listen, I reckon we’ve got there’s enough subjects, or there’s enough subjects and there’s enough key themes for us to have a regular social media masterclass to our people, So why don’t we do that? The next one I wanna do is building an audience right. And yeah, in the meantime, team, stay safe and stay warm!