Who would have guessed that a 16-year-old kid living in Belmore, playing ‘Power, and Awaken The Giant Within’ whilst driving a Datsun, would grow up to become Australasia most influential real estate coach and trainer. Who you are, is not who you can be.

These are the 9 amazing lessons #TonyRobbins​ taught me in business and life:

01:35​ – How to get the best-value tickets for AREC 2021
05:38​ – Learned helplessness: The fly trapped in a jar
07:21​ – Lesson #1: Raise your standards
11:14​ – Lesson #2: Be truly fulfilled
14:20​ – Lesson #3: Progress equals happiness in business
15:45​ – Lesson #4: Love your customers: treat the end of a relationship like it’s the beginning
18:04​ – Lesson #5: Add-value
21:33​ – Lesson #6: Have an exit strategy
24:26​ – Lesson #7: Pay attention to the little details
26:20​ – Lesson #8: Look for leverage
29:00​ – Lesson #9: Change your mindset

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