It is your obligation to maximise the results for your team and your clients.

This lies in your negotiation abilities and in this training segment: Advanced Negotiation for Sales Agents, I explain why there’s no such thing as ‘Win-Win’…

  • 01:18 – Negotiation = Chess + Poker + EQ
  • 04:37 – The #1 reason people are poor negotiations
  • 08:28 – The Iceberg concept: How to uncover hidden needs
  • 11:02 – Why you should NEVER negotiate your commission until your vendors have decided to list with you
  • 16:26 – The Law of Need: Walking away from a negotiation makes the other person want it even more. How I sold this property before a long weekend
  • 20:04 – BANTA: Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement
  • 23:59 – How do you move away from Safety Bias? Our brains are more aware of what could go wrong than what could go right
  • 27:44 – Never start negotiating too early. Let me show you how I negotiate my fee for speaking conferences.

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