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So Tom, about 12 months ago, made me record a video to him as if it was 12 months in the future and I had to talk about three things that haven’t happened yet, as if they had already happened. So it was a bit of a weird concept. I definitely did like two or three different videos to get used to talking like that and doing it really authentically, which I guess is sort of like a manifestation technique, visualisation technique, anything that you already have something before you have it and acting as if you have something. Anyway, we made this video authenticate to Tom. I just did it in my car outside of an appointment one day, actually sent it to Tom and I suddenly had this moment. I think was it Friday, it was Sunday, I don’t remember.


One day last week I was standing in my garden and I’m checking my emails on my phone and I get this email from the government and my heart starts racing because every time I get an email from the government it’s always something to do with my residency, my status and my lab to stay in Australia and my not allowed to stay in Australia. So my whole life is depending on it and my heart starts beating really fast and like shaking and thinking what’s going on? I’m having a look at the email and it says they’re pretty much inviting me to the final stage of my immigration journey, which has taken me 11 years to get into this country, and inviting me to my ceremony, my Australian assistantship ceremony, which is next month, july 17. So I just burst into tears. I sat in my garden and I’m not a cryer, but I was just so filled with emotion because for me that signifies the end of my journey and stability. I can stay in Australia. I’ve got freedom, choice and control over my own life, which I haven’t had for a very long time, for a variety of different reasons, which I’ll give you the short version today if you want. But it was just such a huge achievement for me and it’s you know.


A lot of people come into this country. They do two or three years of working and then they get their permanent residency straight away. I didn’t have the same journey as those people. Mine was full of twists and turns. I had to do a lot of things I didn’t want to do to stay here, which meant, you know, I learned a lot of stuff about myself during that time. So, and then I suddenly looked at this email and I remembered the video that Tom and I did and I realised that all three things on that video had actually come to fruition. So the first thing was I wanted to buy my first home. I’m actually sitting in my home right now.


I’ve been here for six months Last year because of all my visa issues and immigration issues. I’ve spent a lot of money on lawyers, immigration agents, visas chopping and changing around just to try and stay here. So in the past, every time I had a lump sum of commission, it would come in and go back out again. So I haven’t had the luxury of having the deposit and the stamp duty, which is, you know, it’s a big chunk of money, but I made that conscious decision 12 months ago when I was doing the video with Tom. How am I going to get this money? To get it to buy a house in the next six to 12 months? And I pretty much worked it backwards and for me, the only thing I needed to do was to book 20 appraisals a month. That was the only thing I needed to do and I knew because my conversion rate is so high and the commissions I’m getting are quite good that eventually that will turn into a deposit and I just kept doing that every month and it worked. So that was the first thing on my video. And the second thing was the citizenship and to get that letter from the government within the next 12 months, pass the citizenship exam and pretty much be formally accepted into this country, even though it’s been my home for 11 years. And then the third thing was to.


I don’t have any family here in Australia, so my mum had me quite late. She’s in her mid late 70s now and she’s getting older and that’s been playing on my mind Do I go back home to England to take care of her? She doesn’t have any other family in the UK really to take immediate care of her. She’s getting a few health problems so I’m thinking how on earth am I going to do this by looking after my mum from Australia? So I made the decision to move my mum to Australia and you know my mum’s taken care of me my whole life. It’s time to give back and take care of her.


Unfortunately, my dad actually walked out on us when I was 16 and we lost our house. We lost everything. So my mum and I went into a council house, which I think you guys call a housing association over here, and she’s pretty much taken care of me throughout that whole time. So it’s now time to turn the tables and take care of my mum, and I’ve made the decision to move her over. We’ve packed up the house and I’ve paid for her ticket over, and she’s arriving next month and come and live in Australia. So I can, you know, have my family here and take care of my, my elder well, I shouldn’t say elderly, because she’s not actually that old but my older mother. Yeah, so those are the three things I wanted to achieve and, yeah, I’m very proud and pleased that I’ve managed to do that.

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Well, congratulations. I think we should all just give you a huge round of applause because I think it’s absolutely phenomenal, like you, within a space of 12 months, have essentially been able to completely transform your life. Yeah, things that you wanted have manifested and come true. But also, you got really specific and you said this is how many appraisals that I need to book in order to get to reach my end of year goal, which is to get the deposit for the house. And it was yeah, and two appraisals. So I think that’s fun. You know out there who’s listening, who’s thinking. You know these are so far ahead. How am I going to do this? Do what I should do and just break it down into really slow, incremental, achievable pieces. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And the other thing that you say you, the essential of the video that you made, was a video from the future, and you were speaking as if everything had already happened. Yeah, you were just yeah, as if it already is.

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It was. It was interesting. It was basically saying, hey, tom mum’s arrived in Australia now she’s settling in really well. I’ve just oh sorry. One of the other things that I did see, you know I think I had like a fourth one was to hit a million dollar GCI. I’ve been one of those agents always that round 500 K, 500 K and I genuinely believe I the whole immigration stuff was.


It was like a mental jail for me. So as soon as I so it affected my life and I was trying to maintain my you know, my work and my prospecting and trying to not let it affect me. But it does affect you when you don’t know if you can stay or not and the the government keeps chopping and changing the rules all the time. So you have to keep moving around and changing companies and you build up with database and the clientele and then they change rules again. It’s like, oh sorry, you can’t stay here anymore, you’ve got to now make the putt.


So I had to go to Perth for a year and the market was crap. You know it wasn’t. Nobody was listing and selling, so I didn’t have any income coming in. I was doing one sale every two months, but everybody was in the same position, so it was pretty challenging times. I actually sold my car to pay for my new visa and I was a carless real estate agent for about nine months, which I hid from my company and my colleagues. I was so ashamed and embarrassed about it and I was getting buses to appointments and things like that and it was really quite a horrible time for me.


Then I found a way to come back to Victoria as a regional real estate agent. The only way I could stay in the country and find a way to be in real estate was to go to Mutage Along. I’ve never even been to Geelong before. I just got on a plane and came on a one-way ticket and rented a room of someone or flatmate and you know that was four years ago. Now I’m sitting in my own house, so it’s been an incredible journey.


But going back to the GCI, the 500K was every single year and as soon as I got that piece of paper the permanent residency it was like a mental jail had lifted off me and I started to do 750 and 700s every year and I started to make more money because I had that mental jail taken away from me as soon as I got that piece of paper, I moved to McGraw and there’s moving to McGraw and doing the coaching with Tom. I’m now making twice as much money and happier and just have more flow and you know, everything’s just going really well and now I’m on track to do a million dollars. I’ve done 525,000 GCI since January, so I’m on track to hit that million dollar mark now and that’s been fantastic.

Susan Zheng 10:10

That’s phenomenal. That’s absolutely phenomenal, considering from where you started to where you are now. That’s incredible, and I think never be ashamed of the times when you’ve got to take the bus, because that just shows how resilient you are. It’s certainly not. People in your situation would have probably given up and said I can’t do real estate. But you persisted, you found a way to make it work and you found a way to not let it get in the way of you. You know going out there and showing up and going to listings and I think those, your struggles, are the things that make you as strong as you are today.

Aisha Coe 10:46

They say that adversity is actually can be one of your greatest teachers, and I really believe in that. And difficult things when you do difficult things, it helps you do more difficult things. Yes, so the difficult things, they’re not as difficult anymore, so that makes it so. I think the second thing would be sitting down with the owners and actually trying to understand what it is they’re trying to do before you talk about price, before you give them your fees. I’ve got an amazing form. It’s called a less the listing inquiry form.


This form I had my status to real estate job in England 16 years ago and I’ve just kept woodfiring it. I’ll happily send you a copy. It’s actually got questions on the back. I think the third thing is this is a script that I use that is trying to subtly knock out my competition. So I always say to an owner you know I’ll ask the questions beforehand have you ever sold a property before? Depending on how they answer that. Another thing that I do usually ask is do you know the difference between a salesperson and a trained negotiator, a salesperson- Because we’ve got a lot of salespeople in too long?


Yeah, but we don’t have a lot of trained negotiators. Do you mind if I show you how I actually negotiate?

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