Peter Drauckner one of the world’s best regarded gurus of management had stated that one of the most important educational decisions you’d ever make is to establish whether you learn more by reading or learn more by listening.

If you’re like me and that is you’d love to listen and you’re really great at buying books but only reading chapter one, the good news is that iTunes has an incredible selection of awesome audio books that you can download for as low as $5 and listen to them in your car or on your sofa and be much smarter two hours later.

Bored? Download an autobiography of someone you’d really like to meet e.g. the Dalai Lama. And you could feel by listening to him that you’re actually having a coffee with him.

My experience shows that I much rather listen to the author rather than a narrator. You really feel they’re talking to you and you pick up what’s really going on in their mind as your listening to them speak.

And if you’re lucky and you’ve got a modern car you just plug in your USB stick and away you go. Drive and study at the same. 3 books a week mean you’ll do over 150 books a year. Trust me past high school and uni hardly anyone reads apart from crap by the swimming pool on vacation.

If you’ve picked up just 3 ideas a day by implementing this awesome  habit that would mean you will have a buffet of over a 100 new concepts a year that could potentially change your life.

Generally, it’s only one or two things that really need to have that affect … problem is you won’t know which one it is til you come across it.

Oh and it’s also good for the environment.