If you think your job is to sell real estate you’re in trouble. Vendors can sell houses. Furthermore, they know far more about their home than you as an agent will ever know. And let’s face it. It’s not rocket science showing the buyer where the kitchen is.

Which brings me to the point of, what’s the real role of a real estate agent? Is it to sell a house? or is it in fact to get that 10% hidden premium that a skilled expert that is exceptional at the profession of real estate can bring to the table.

Over recent years we have seen the emergence of the ‘soft-sell’ which has little or no marketing for the first 2 weeks in the hope of securing someone to buy the house and if no success to then actually begin an advertising program. Sounds good in theory? Maybe. But it’s a flawed model and it stinks because  using this process is looking at the cheap way. Let’s find a buyer without too much hassle and just sell it. I call these people ‘transactional agents.’ Vendors don’t need these people. They need ‘marketing agents.’

A marketing agent is not looking for the first buyer but is looking for the best buyer. The best buyer comes as a result of a robust process that includes a world class marketing program, an agent using high level negotiation, finding a buyer that absolutely loves the property not just likes it and finally the view that a great agent will in fact have multiple negotiations going on with a number of buyers to help drive the price up. This is the role of an agent. To get that hidden 10% in the marketplace by executing this premium price strategy.

So next time you’re at a listing presentation and the vendor suggests that you do a soft approach just remind them, “do you want the first buyer or do you want the best buyer. Because the best price will come from the best buyer.”