What makes an Attraction Agent so successful? Attraction Agents have a set of critical behaviours they use to control their environment to work in their favour. These 7 laws of success are embedded in the DNA of every Attraction Agent. What’s yours?

  1. You are totally responsible for everything you are and for everything you have and will become. You are the source of all your manifestations and you will attract into your life and business, your most dominate thoughts whether you want them or not.
  2. The market is the market. It’s a thing. You cannot do anything about the market. Whilst you cannot change the market, you can change your response to the market. You can work harder, smarter, and faster. You can deliver better, crucial conversation with vendors and you can create more urgency in buyers in a non-urgent market.
  3. Real Estate remuneration is excellent for excellent agents and poor for poor agents. If you are a poor agent, no one is going to come to the rescue. Apart from you.
  4. All successful 7 figure agents at some point in their career worked prolonged periods of time to position themselves as a specialist in the marketplace and subsequently shifted from transactional agents, to a marketing based attraction model pulling listings into them like a magnet.
  5. Time management is a critical skill for the Attraction Agent. There will never be enough time to do everything you will like to do but always be enough time to do the most important things that need to be done. “Something unimportant done well does not make it important”.
  6. Attraction Agents are confident. They act and behave as if it were impossible to fail.
  7. No matter whether you’re a salesperson or a principal, you are self-employed. You are a brand and everything you are doing is either building or destroying your brand. Building brand equity in YOU is a major strategy of any attraction agent. It requires an investment in both time and money. Excellence in vendor paid advertising is the platform to execute this strategy.