A break at Christmas is an ideal time to reflect, reconfigure and rewrite your agreement with reality by opting-in to play your biggest game in 2013. So here are my top 10 things to turn your 2013 into Awesome

  1. Rip it up and start again. If you’re not happy it’s time to change, because if nothing changes – nothing changes
  2. Buy a personal development book that you read from front to cover to get you into “State” (I recommend Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy – it covers everything)
  3. Download Podcast applications from the app store – then free subscribe to 5 personal development podcast (Seth Godin a must)
  4. Get a DEXA done. This is the only true body fat test out there accurate to a fraction of a percentage (10% means you are ripped if you’re a guy – slightly more for a girl )
  5. Access the Free Real Estate Success Tools and download the scripts, dialogues, business plan templates and apply them
  6. Make enquires about yoga/meditation courses near you. With better awareness comes better choices and better choices leads to better results
  7. Find 1 big goal for 2013 that you’re madly in love with. This is your passion. This will get you out of bed. This will make time fly. This will energise you. This is your big WHY!
  8. Change your sleep pattern this holiday to get you into the 5am club for 2013. This ritual alone has been my number 1 enabler to living my best life personally and professionally
  9. Buy a leather bound success journal and create 2 sections. Goals and Challenges (do your thinking on paper )
  10. Create a ‘Not-To-Do List‘. Some of your current practises, rituals and behaviours have reached their use by date. Time to begin 2013 with a new set of eyes


Finally, use this period to reconnect with yourself if you feel you have become a stranger to yourself. There is no better you than you and it makes sense that 2013 is the year you bring the best you into life and work.


Do you have big hairy audacious goals for 2013? Would love to hear your stories.