Advertising Dialogue for Vendor Paid

  1. We believe you never get a 2nd shot at that 1st impression…the first 21 days when your property becomes available are the most crucial
  2. One additional buyer could add $50,000 to your sale price
  3. Your home is the only remaining tax haven & $50,000 more equates to $100,000 before tax
  4. We refuse to mis-market your property & apologise later
  5. So often we’re called upon to re-market poorly marketed properties by other agents – I wouldn’t do it to you
  6. You can’t sell a secret
  7. The internet accounts for only 30% of our sales and 50% of our buyer enquiry.  I don’t feel comfortable excluding half the market.
  8. If we over-market, the worst that can happen is we over spend a few thousand dollars.  If we under-market, we could potentially lose $50,000-$100,000.
  9. Car insurance analogy
  10. Product launch analogy
  11. I am recommending to you, what I would do for myself.
  12. Do you want me to present you with a marketing plan to win your business, or one that will get you the best price in the shortest possible time?
  13. Passive buyers are more emotional buyers within intrinsic aspiration motives – they pay a premium. Therefore, spending a few thousand dollars in the Quest Community Newspapers might return you 30k or 40k more than a logical researched internet buyer.

Buyer Dialogue (Use this to buyers who think the market hasn’t bottomed yet)

I understand your desire to purchase when the market bottoms. That way you’ll get the lowest price and experience appreciation right away. But to do this, we’ll have to both know WHEN the market has bottomed.

HOW will we know this? The answer is, when the market goes back UP. So we will never know when the market IS at the bottom, only when it WAS at the bottom. So it is axiomatic that you will not knowingly purchase AT the bottom. Do you agree? So then you will be buying as the market rises which will achieve one of your goals: experiencing immediate appreciation.

But consider this fact: you WILL be paying  $xx, xxx more than the lowest price. So you must ask yourself; “Is there a benefit to paying that price BEFORE the market bottoms rather than AFTER? You might be buying too early but you’re not paying too much. Here are the key benefits of buying before the bottom:

  • Lower interest rates – they will rise when the market starts rising.
  • More listing – in a rising market your choices are fewer
  • Relaxed pace – a rising market brings buyer competition and gazumping
  • Time in home – by buying NOW you can ENJOY the home

Vendor Dialogue

  1. You should align your sale with your life not the market
  2. In a market trending down it is risky rejecting reasonable offers. Are you the gambling type?
  3. Because you’re upgrading you win out of this market. Your house may have dropped $50,000, but the one you’re buying has dropped $75,000, so you’re in fact better off accepting this offer and moving forward.
  4. How much longer could you stay in this house? How much longer could you wait? If it doesn’t sell, what will you do? The benefit of moving must out-way your need for money. It sounds like the problems associated with not selling are far greater than the problems of selling for less.
  5. Mr vendor, do you want to stay or sell?

Pricing Dialogue

By over pricing a property in the first two weeks, you’re over pricing during the best period and reducing the price after when there are less buyers looking.