Aussie legend and entrepreneur Mark Bouris shares his best advice to help real estate agencies and small businesses across Australia rise and thrive:

  • 06:14​ – Do you have to be an asshole/narcissist to be successful in business? Can you care about people’s feelings and still be successful?
  • 12:41​ – Does your childhood upbringing affect your success?
  • 19:47​ – Have we forgotten to think for ourselves?
  • 21:55​ – The story of how Mark staged a coup when he was younger and overtook the company he was working at. Why he regrets this, and what lessons did he learn from it?
  • 27:25​ – Can treachery help you in business? Throughout the book, Mark references a lot of literature and media: Game of Thrones, Othello, Sun Tzu, and Machiavelli as great sources of learning for how the world works. What’s something Mark has read or watched recently, and what lessons has he taken from it?
  • 35:10​ – Mark talks about building an army of business warriors, and why we need this to help owners in Australia
  • 42:35​ – Tom and Mark discuss their fitness training routine
  • 52:30​ – Marks’ lessons on mindset from boxing fights
  • 58:38​ – How you can get a personally signed book, Rise by Mark Bouris