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7 Figure Attraction Agent podcast – Interviews with top real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand. To listen on iTunes click here

Behind every business problem, there is a personal trigger

If you’re in a slump, listen to this story… Please understand, if your prospecting is off-track – you didn’t forget how to prospect, did you? There is a personal trigger behind every business problem. Your situation gets better by choice, not by chance. No-one is coming to the rescue. You have to save yourself. Please…

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NEGOTIATION MASTERCLASS – Watch how Mat Steinwede extracts offers!

Most agents will start negotiating on price once the buyer has made their first offer. But this could be the biggest mistake you can make. Find out why… In this role play, Mat Steinwede masterfully demonstrates how you can get a buyer to realize the value and potential of a property. Knowing HOW and WHEN…

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Chronic shortage of listings? Here are 7 solutions

If you’re in a marketplace where there is a chronic shortage of listings, here are 7 things you can do to overcome this problem. All the training resources are only in the Real Estate Gym (1374)

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“I don’t prospect. I market.” Michael Burgio

Ex-manager at Domino’s Pizza Michael Burgio, reveals the unconventional and innovative marketing methods he used to write $1m in GCI 18 months into his real estate career. Michael Burgio is a commercial and residential agent who gets HUNDREDS of appraisals using the ‘3min SMS Campaign’ as devised by Novak Properties. This marketing strategy is in…

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How to look after your family, whilst you look after your business | Matthew Pillios

What do you do if your career is costing you your marriage, and you’re missing out on watching your kids grow up? Matthew Pillios reveals the best way to communicate with your spouse so you can look after your family, whilst you grow your business. Matt’s been training in the Real Estate Gym since day…

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The Essential Elements for Conscious Living | Sam Makhoul

Holistic Living Coach Sam Makhoul, is the Founder of ‘A Higher Branch Success Academy’. In this interview, he reveals the essential elements for conscious living and achieving success. Sam has been instrumental in bringing DAVID GOGGINS to Sydney, Australia as part of his incredible event focussed on mindset: Upgrade Your Life 2020. Join me LIVE…

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