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The irony of COVID-19: Why agents could be harming the sale | Michael Choi

In many cases, the main thing that’s harming the sale is not the vendor, but the agent themselves. Michael Choi reveals why… He also presents an alternative to staff redundancies¬†during financially difficult times. Michael is the founder of Area Specialist, and one of the best auctioneers I know. He began his real estate in 2006,…

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Breaking news! URGENT ACTION

COVID19 Lockdown – Attention real estate agents in Australia: You need to do this before Sunday 29 March 2020*! *The information provided is relevant at the time of this release. Please ensure you are aware of the legislation around COVID-19 and how it affects your business and the real estate industry. (5335)

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John McGrath reveals: Plan to list and sell during COVID-19 Lockdown

Agents can still list and sell during the COVID-19 Lockdown through private and virtual appointments*. Buyers still need to buy, and sellers still needed to sell. Our industry leader, John McGrath reveals the plan and crucial conversations you need to have with your customers to help them feel secure and move forward in this market.…

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Agents need to do THIS prior to Full Lockdown | Megan Jaffe & team

Just yesterday New Zealand entered level 4 lockdown, yet Megan Jaffe and her team at Ray White Remuera have prepared themselves to still be actively prospecting, listing and selling during this period. In this training webinar, key members of her operations team reveal the processes they have put in place to bulletproof their business to…

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Breaking News! The LOCKDOWN & Australian Real Estate

What real estate agents CAN and CAN’T DO during the COVID-19 LOCKDOWN. As the real estate industry is considered an essential service, auctions, open homes, buyer appointments, and rentals inspections can still go ahead – with additional restrictions. Direct from the government Leanne Pilkington who is the REINSW President and REIA board member, she provided:…

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Real Estate Agent’s best strategy to survive COVID-19 | Mat Steinwede

Target and service hardcore buyers is your best strategy to survive COVID-19 and even gain market share. And let’s not forget… this is one of the best opportunities to show marketplace just how skilled you are at negotiating. Real estate influencer Mat Steinwede’s entire 10 step negotiation course (consisting of 20 videos) is only in…

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