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7 Figure Attraction Agent podcast – Interviews with top real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand. To listen on iTunes click here

How to start a ‘Client for Life’ Program | Matt Lahood

Most agents are constantly stressed hustling for their next listing. Matt Lahood reveals why your ideal client is right in front of you. This is how you can secure clients for life. Matt Lahood is CEO at The Agency and for over 16 years he has trained and coached the top 1% of agents across…

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Divorced Sales. How Real Estate Agents should best manage them

One of the most consistent high-performing agents in the country, Kate Strickland (Director of Marshall White Brighton, VIC) reveals how she manages high-stress sales situations, such as divorce sales. She explains why it’s NOT your fault if the property doesn’t sell. But you are responsible if you don’t do the right thing. SHARE this with…

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THE GAP: Vendors vs Buyers

“The Gap” on price expectation between vendor and buyer will always exist. Here are 3 strategies to bridge that gap… Forward this to a colleague so you can practice these scripts together. P.S. This is your FINAL CHANCE in 2019 to join the Real Estate Gym and get tickets to our Kick Start 2020 events…

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I’m dying…

As strong as I may seem on social, I am still suffering… There is a gift in every situation. The mortality rate between playing it safe and playing it risky is the same – it’s 100%. Be fearless. If these life lessons resonated with you, please forward this to someone you care about (1567)

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How Real Estate Agents can use ‘Earned Media’ and be Unrivalled

Presentation Slides: Imogen Callister – Earned MediaDownload Branding Specialist from REA, Imogen Callister reveals how you can use ‘Earned Media’ to be unrivalled in your marketplace, and win listings before you even walk into the door: the top 2 sources people look at when choosing an agenttemplates that you can copy and paste to get…

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5-Minute Rule to Overcome Rejection

How do you bounce back quickly after being punched in the face multiple times a day? Try this 5-minute mind-hack. This tool empowers you to realise that you have control over how you handle your repsonse to a bad event. Don’t make a bad day look like a bad week, a bad week look like…

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