A defining moment is like a lightening of intense clarity. It’s when you’re hit with the realisation – ‘I’m better than this’. 

Two years ago, this guy was 40kgs heavier, broke, writing $150k in GCI and training every day with agents in the Real Estate Gym.

Today, I’m so proud to be interviewing Jordan Strudwick who has transformed his life physically and mentally. Who you are is not who you can be.

Jordan Strudwick is writing over $1m in GCI in Ipswich (QLD, where the average house price is under $400k) and aiming to do 150 transactions a year. This is the story of how $2.53 at a service station became a defining moment that changed his life.

All the tools that helped Jordan Strudwick go from $150k to over $1m in GCI is in the Real Estate Gym

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