Isn’t it true that no matter how smart we consider ourselves, we all do dumb things at times? Where it becomes a problem, is when you make these crippling mistakes day-in/day-out without even realising it. Here are the top 10 dumb things agents do:


  1. Agents give offers to vendors from unqualified buyers who have not signed a contract and when the sale does not proceed, they have permanently destroyed all vendor expectations
  2. Agents take contact details from open house visitors and do nothing with them
  3. Agents get dressed up for work and hang around the office pretending to be busy
  4. Agents spend more time trying to get a higher price from buyers rather than getting vendors to accept the reality of the current marketplace
  5. Agents attend training course after training course, and yet they still follow their same, old, ineffective patterns over and over again
  6. Agents go to listing presentations acting as a valuer, not as a marketing based professional who is there to create a plan to get the highest price
  7. Agents rely on reducing their commission fees as their unique selling proposition at a listing presentation
  8. Agents door knock strangers for prospecting, yet they won’t nurture existing contacts they already have a relationship with
  9. Agents go for weeks without speaking to vendors and when they do, they don’t tell them the simple truth. Remarkable!
  10. Agents rely on the market. The market is the market. It is a force you cannot control. So focus your energy on what you can control. Then things will get better when you get better.


What are some dumb things you’ve seen smart agents do?