I want to let you know there are two scripts or dialogues that you can use right now, because it’s got to do with interest rates, and the sentence I want you to pick up out of it is called you have two options. Here You have two options. The reason why this dialogue you have two options works is most people have a million things going through their head And then they need a good, trusted advisor that makes it easy for them and says here are your two options. Which one would give you more peace of mind? That’s what a good salesperson does. So let me give you an example of how you can use it.


You got a listing at the moment, susan, that is a little bit overpriced. The owner’s not really coming down in price. The rates go up. Today You ring up the owner and you say I want to come along and see you. So, susan, can I role play this with you, susan? So, susan, i’ve come over to see you. You’re my vendor, susan.


As you know, yesterday we had another rate rise That makes it 12 in a row And it’s getting really concerning. And the reason why is we now know this was the tipping point. This is the tipping point where people that are coming off fixed rates and going on to variable and, for the record, most of those people are coming off between July and September And what I want to let you know is that the reason why it’s concerning is that RP data is saying there is a record number of people getting CMAs done at the moment. Cmas are the step one before a home comes onto the market. We know we’re about to have the biggest blitz of stock hitting the market in many years in the next few months. The reason I’m worried is some of these people are going to be the ones that simply can’t afford 6%. Their repayments have more than doubled. These people are going to put their homes on the market and what it’s going to do is it’s going to drag the value of your property down as well if you’re on the market at the same time.


I’ve come to see you today because it’s a very important meeting. We need to get you sold before they come onto the market, and that means that we’re going to have to adjust your price to get it sold ASAP. You have two options. Here’s the script. You have two options. We do nothing today and we just leave it there, and if nothing changes, nothing changes. It stays there And then we risk September having the property price come down significantly. So one option is we do nothing and we risk you losing $50,000, $100,000 in spring. The second option we have is that we make an adjustment today and we get it sold ASAP, and then we make you a buyer for spring. So you come along and you take advantage of this and lots of spring listings. Out of the two options, which option do you think would give you more peace of mind? So that’s the first script to help you get price reductions.


The second script. The second script is to fast track people onto the market. Here it is, susan, i know you’re not selling right now and the reason I’m calling is because It’s given you a test drive of real estate gym. Let me tell you, if you’re a subscriber and a member of the gym, you’ll be getting videos from our co-coaches all the time. You’ll be getting mentors, you’ll be getting scripts, you’ll be getting dialogues, you’ll be getting templates And, most importantly, my prospector your personal accountability system. To make more calls, get more appointments, get more listings. From around $10 per week., your personal coach.