You know the story I’m talking about. The one you’ve been carrying with you for some time now which is potentially holding you back from living your best life.

The story that has resulted from the repetition and mental rehearsal of a lie that slowly has become your reality which has meant you may have a set of self limiting beliefs e.g. I’m not successful in real estate because:

  • Too young
  • Too old
  • Not smart enough
  • Work for a small office
  • Office is too big and it’s cut-throat
  • My marketplace is too hard

You get the drift. Something that you believe that most likely is just a great excuse from you playing big.

For agents trying to get VPA that carry a story with them that asking for extra advertising is not in the best interest of the vendor, makes it impossible for you to actually get VPA in a long term sustainable way. You simply have to believe in what you sell, otherwise it will come through in your presentation.

The story I carry around in my head is very simple. That print advertising together with all forms of media are absolutely critical in getting the best price for a vendor and for this reason it’s just so easy for me to do the job that I do. I feel exactly the same way about auctions.

People carry stories in their heads about a lot of issues. Their health, their fitness, their work, their relationship etc.

One of the best things you can do is to actually have a serious look and gain awareness of the story you carry with you and how useful it is in your life.