Don’t be the annoying agent who sends useless text messages pestering people! Here is the Framework for Effective Client Communication:

00:00 – Dialogue to bring potential vendors onto the market this week
02:29 – Effective use of text and direct messaging to add value
05:29 – Can SMS replace speaking to people on the phone?
06:47 – The worst types of voicemails agents leave
09:28 – Why text messaging can help you get more listings and make more sales
13:04 – Kick Start 2021 is SOLD OUT! This event will be broadcasted LIVE to all Real Estate Gym members across the world FREE
14:20 – The LCS Social Strategy for prospecting
15:12 – The ‘Trigger Event’ SMS strategy
17:04 – 5 Rules of SMS
19:23 – The fastest and most secure platform to get the contract of sale: SecureExchange 
21:26 – The 4-step framework for all your messages

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