Diego Traglia 00:00

But having a little bit of a system process at the listing presentation to let them know how Conjunctional works and I know different opinions in the industry, I don’t really care. I offer Conjunctional. I give them a quarter of my commission from day one and actually I show my vendors my group chats and Fiona say you got a WhatsApp group chat, absolutely. And I show them a group chat that perhaps I send them within the last 24 hours. How many agents with Barford, ray White, bayliss. I let them know about their listing and so this listing went live three days ago and I’ve already emailed 25 agents to let them know about their particular listing. I will do the same to you, mrs and Mr Vendor, because in this market you cannot rely just on Trade Me, one Roof and real estate and all got it. So I do that. Then I will show them.

Tom Panos 00:43

So, diego, let’s be clear, you’re giving right from the outset. You tell the vendor, mr and Mrs Vendor, when you list with me, I am giving an automatic conjunction to all the agents in the area and that’s 25% 25% and it’s written in the marketing.

Diego Traglia 00:59

I’ll go on one of my listings, I’ll show them that it’s written there, then the same listing and normally I think about it before I go in I show them the group chat of that particular listing and the message they said has gone out to all of these agents. Now that is proof, because it’s online. It’s a new message to them and it shows them that actually you do that. You’re not just saying that to get the listing. Now, 8% of all the properties sold last year they sold outside Harcourt’s, which I think is quite a big number.

Tom Panos 01:24

So 92% you sold yourself or your Harcourt’s 8%. I love that concept. I’m plagiarizing that concept because I am sick and tired of having vendors having private conversations with other agents, particularly in the last 30 days of the agency agreement. The vendor is turning around and they’re not saying much to you, but you can tell that there’s another conversation, particularly in the last 30 days of the agency agreement. The vendor is turning around and they’re not saying much to you, but you can tell that there’s another conversation being had there. Or sometimes they just say I’m letting you know, we’re just waiting for it to expire. Right, and it’s because this other agent has says I’ve got buyers. You can actually bring expose the bullshit out of that. We’re saying I’m giving them a conjunction. Why wouldn’t they get it for nothing now?

Diego Traglia 02:05

And it’s even more powerful if you send a screenshot, which I don’t do the conjunction myself. I appreciate that right. My support agent and my peers would do it. But I asked them to send them, take screenshots of all the email addresses and Betty’s been in my team of all the emails that have been sent out, that then I can send it to my vendor and say I’ve sent 35 out. Here’s my three screenshots and you can see all the same, there is power in that At the end of the agency agreement, hey, I’ve done my best. I really have done my best.


Now, on a weekly basis, how about you let your vendors know, look, I’ve got the power in my team that we’ve got a lot of listings right, but you work in the office. How about you tell your vendors how many buys you’ve met over the last seven days within the office, and roughly 50 of them were within your price range and now they’ve got a link to your property. Now I do it myself in my team. This is not BS. I actually do it because I’ve got the power of meeting 500 buys a week, more or less. But then I’ll tell my vendors I’ve sent this many people your property that we’ve met last week on a weekly basis. They can’t blame me. Some of them still do. You don’t win them all, but mostly they can’t blame me. I’ve done everything that I possibly can when things are tough.

Tom Panos 03:18

Diego, I’ll never forget the day I did that conversation with you. You go, man. You know I love real estate. The problem with me is I don’t like people, right, and I’ll never forget it. And he went on and says as much as I can, I automate and text everything so I can minimize the amount of conversations. Tell me more about that. Tell me more about that and your texting. Yeah, that’s given you a test ride of the real estate gym. In the real estate gym, we’ve got all the information you need to succeed, whether it’s prospecting, listing, presentations, scripts, dialogues, how to actually have the best templates and have a process-driven business. You can join the real estate gym. The doors are open now and it is less than one coffee a day as an investment.