Tom Panos 00:00

But I remember the day that I came to your office when I was doing training at your office, and at the end of the session you came up to me and you said to me oh mate, thank you. And I can relate to health issues. I lost my father when I was young. You lost your dad. How old were you when you lost your dad?

Oliver Lavers 00:16

Mate, I was 11 years old Tough year for me and my family. My mother actually was diagnosed with breast cancer and three weeks later my dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer and then three weeks later they started chemotherapy and three weeks later my father died. So it was a tough year and I guess, in terms of work ethic, I get it from my mom. She raised four kids by herself. She’s taught me everything on that side of things. So yeah, I was 11.

Tom Panos 00:46

Ollie, I wanna ask you what sort of conversation can you have with a vendor that you’ve once popped into their home? You looked at it. They haven’t put it on the market, but you still wanna stay in contact with them, but you don’t wanna be pushy or sound desperate and needy. What sort of conversations can you have? What information can you give them? And, yeah, what’s the approach with those sorts of people?

Oliver Lavers 01:10

Yeah, for sure. So, man, I’m happy to role play it with you if you like. So I’ll be, let’s rock and roll. I mean, calling is my thing. I’ve been, this is how I’ve built. Everything is from culture.

Tom Panos 01:20

So let’s do it. I’m the vendor, You’ve rung me up.

Oliver Lavers 01:23

Hey Ollie, how can I help?

Tom Panos 01:24

Yeah, how can I help you?

Oliver Lavers 01:26

Yeah, oliver Laver is TRT. How are you Good? I’m very good, ollie, yeah, good. So, tom, I’m not sure if you remember I popped through your house about six, seven months ago, if you remember? Yes, of course, of course, amazing.


Well, tom, you mentioned to me back then you weren’t quite ready and you just got that the last kid going through HSC this year. So I’m not trying to get you out just right now, but just because there’s has been a property that sold around the corner from you on Wallanger Road and that one sold there for $15 million. There was actually three buyers going for that. I’ve got the under two, the two buyers that I have interested. They’re only wanting Wallanger Road, portland Street or this other street that’s very similar to yours.


Now, tom, I know you’re not ready right now, but I thought if I can bring you the right money with a long settlement and so your kid can still do the HSC, would that be something that you may consider? And look, there’s really no risk on the table here, because if I can get you the right money and we sell with the right settlement and get you to settle it, you have complete control of the deal. That means we can ascertain the market. We know right now and no one knows what’s happening in the future. But we can get the market price right now, so it takes the risk on the table.

Tom Panos 02:35

Listen, that’s a great call because you’ve acknowledged at the start I’m not trying to push you out and I know that you’re not ready and I know you’ve got the HSC as a key trigger moment. However, this opportunity has come up and what you? It’s a how do I say? It’s a bit of an ethical bribe, but it’s an honest one, because what you said is very true. We don’t know what the market’s gonna be like, but what I do know is I’ve got to buy it right now. I like that call.

Oliver Lavers 03:05

Another one I like to do is I’m quite can be quite fun on the phone, so it’s gonna be. You know. You know how you hear someone in the street where they sell for that crazy price. Yes, yes, well, well, tom, this is how it happens. This is that call. I don’t know what this buyer’s budget is, but I know they’ve got to get into the, they’ve got to get in by the property this side of the year. Now they’re gonna pay overs for it. I know they are. So why not be that? Let that person be you.

Tom Panos 03:32

That’s another mate. Geez, they’re good calls. I’m picturing me being the person receiving the call, because they’re risk-free calls.

Oliver Lavers 03:41

Yeah, but it’s also keeping in touch. Like you know, tom, I look. I told you that every time I had an opportunity I’d call you.

Tom Panos 03:48

Mate. I love that. I absolutely love it to the guys and girls and the great people that I have here. So they’ve got one thing in common Every one of these people has come here today to we have 11 to 12, we do a prospecting blitz Tuesdays and Thursdays, so they are prospectors, but they also come along to listen to something that’s going to help them go the next level. So let’s assume the level at the moment is. Let’s assume the level at the moment is that they are a three to 500 GCI agent and they want to go next level. What do you think other things they should start thinking about and be doing? That’s given you a test ride of the real estate gym. In the real estate gym, we’ve got all the information you need to succeed, whether it’s prospecting, listing, presentations, scripts, dialogues, how to actually have the best templates and have a process-driven business. You can join the real estate gym. The doors are open now and it is less than one coffee a day as an investment.