Even when I was at school I seemed to be drawn into, and attracted to the individuals that were different , the uncool , the weirdos. Did not know why I did back then , but I do now. They had no false mask . I was getting the real deal with them. They were not trying to be someone else and in doing so became attractive being the best them. Think about it.

If you copy someone else , the best you can ever be is a second best of them , and not an original. Alternatively you can be the best you on the whole planet of 6 billion people. There is only one you . And that’s what people want. They want to look into your eyes and know your not perfect but they are getting the real you . No social masks, no fakes, no lies , just someone who is happy being themselves and this makes you so attractive as you have no ego and carry your self as someone with a great self esteem

I love misfits , they are themselves and in the process give me permission to be myself.