Tom Panos

We know we’ve got the number one real estate agent in figures in Queensland with us. How?

Alex Jordan 00:05

old are you, alex? I’m 42 next Thursday. Happy birthday, thanks, man. Appreciate it. I’ll wait for your gift. Send it through.

Tom Panos 00:16

I’ll tag you on social media. That’ll do, I’ll take it.

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Tom Panos 00:19

So, alex, you were in real estate for a decade and the best you wrote. So you’ve been working in real estate for a decade and the best you wrote was $380,000.

Alex Jordan 00:32

Yes, slightly over, but yeah, I struggled to break through for the first, probably 11 to 12 years of my career.

Tom Panos 00:38

Okay, so in a few short years since then, you’ve now exceeded, with your team, $10 million. That was, I think, the last financial year, last fin year, fin year. Can you outline what were the key strategies you made to? It’s not 2X, it’s not 10X, it’s actually 25X. Your business, love to know, love to talk about those things and maybe just share with people where you’re actually from in the marketplace, just in case, because there is some people from Bundaberg, northern Queensland, here. Where is your? Where do you work from?

Alex Jordan 01:16

So I’m based in an office in Paddington, which is in the city of Brisbane. We service there in the western suburbs. My core area is predominantly west side. We don’t venture too far out of our BDA or farm area, whatever you choose to call it.


I started off I was sitting at these seminars for many years and I had good intentions. I wanted to build my business, but I struggled and I did all the tasks I was told and did the cold calling and door knocking Not consistently. I was haphazard and it was partly due to a I would say, a fear of rejection, a lack of belief. You know, I heard of these 10X’s and these stories. I didn’t believe in it. I was sitting down going no, I’m not going to 10X, anything that’s just as impossible. And that’s because I tried for so long and was unsuccessful for that time frame that the concept of 10Xing just didn’t seem like it was within reach. Even 2Xing seemed a stretch for me. So there was a lack of belief, there was a lack of process. It shifted in 2011 and, interestingly, sometimes you can come into this industry and have success very quickly. For me, it took probably 12 years of failure before I got anywhere. Why was that it’s self-induced. It was a lack of process, a lack of belief, a lack of consistency, a lack of good conversations and relationship building. I had a very transactional business which was Chase and Kill and it was basically, you know, do the letterbox drop, get the appraisal, get a listing, sell it and then go back to the letterbox drop, get another appraisal, get another listing. I was never an attraction agent because I had to hustle for every opportunity and I heard the concept of attraction agent through Tom and John and I was listening to these guys speak for many years and I loved the concept. I just didn’t know how to get there. I was like why aren’t they calling me? I’ve been here for so long and I’ve been active in this market, but no one’s really after me at all.


For me, there’s a number of things that changed. I think it’s, firstly, I think it’s within you. I think most of it’s inside. It wasn’t external. I could have fast-tracked my success within one or two years if I had the right approach. Was I willing at that time? Probably not. I didn’t want to do the hard things, I didn’t want to get rejected, I didn’t want to work late hours, I didn’t want to do all the letterbox drops and marketing, it just seemed like it was too much. So I would skip things and procrastinate, and I’ll do this tomorrow, I’ll do this next week. So the attitude was wrong. The attitude changed and it changed through a health diagnosis which came to me in 11.


At the same time as when I was financially in a bad place, I work in an area that is affected by flooding. A lot of our suburbs Indooroopilly, victory, pocket, st Lucia have flood impact. In 11, when the floods hit, I had a very average business to start with and then my business crumbled. I had no listings, my sales crashed, the pipeline was dry because the streets were a mess and no one was really wanting to list, and I was psychologically down, financially broke. I borrowed money from my family to try and pay for the rent and the car repayments and I wanted to leave the industry because I tried since 1999 to late 11,.


I tried to make it work and I just couldn’t get anywhere and I looked at other jobs and if I was offered another job I probably would have taken it. Someone said you know, he’s 80 grand and you can be a pharmaceutical rep, which is what I was looking for. I would have said yes to that. Luckily, I didn’t have any qualifications to get another job, so that was a good thing and a blessing. So you’d made the decision you’re going to leave real estate. Yeah, I was looking for opportunities.


Yeah, but it was hard for me to accept another job, and I’ll tell you why. We’re in an industry which has no limit to what you could earn. It’s limitless. There’s no education needed. You can do very little training if you want to. Best you do it better than that. But you can come into this with no background, no education, and earn more than a surgeon does.


When I was thinking about leaving the industry, I was looking at jobs paying 80, 100k a year and it was hard psychologically because I was like, well, hey, I’m earning more than this now, but it’s inconsistent. And hang on a sec, if I go into this job and they make me work from 8 to 5 and I’ve got to do exactly what they tell me to do, if I applied that same discipline to real estate, where would I get to? So it was really hard to accept because I thought I could definitely make more than 80 to 100. But I wasn’t consistent. It was up and down. One month it was zero, the other month it was okay, and that’s because I never had profile or reputation or credibility in the market, so I had to create that. How do you create that?

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