Alex Waters is the Winner of REB Awards 2014 – Rising Star

Alex Waters #AttractionAgent profile:

  • $907k GCI in first year of real estate – just 18 months in real estate
  • On track to write $1.6m this FY
  • YTD: approx $50m in sales, avg 42% market share
  • 24 years old

In this interview you will learn how Alex Waters:

  • Built an Attraction business model in just 18 months
  • Secures avg $3k of VPA in a non VPA market
  • Secures listings with non-negotiable fees of avg 3.5%+GST
  • Built his database and stay-in-touch strategy
  • Uses new technologies to connect with vendors
  • Boldly created new opportunities through methods that were typically considered unconventional in the marketplace


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