Andrew Lutze is a multiple award winning agent who wrote $1.88 million in GCI for FY13/14. His avg sales price is over $1.1m and avg days on market 19.4. Andrew’s philosophy is to be so unique that no one can compete against you.

Watch this training interview where Andrew reveals:

  • Highly-effective Scripts & Dialogue to secure the listing
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Becoming a specialist rather than generalist
  • How to have structure in your day to maximise dollar productive tasks
  • The importance of having TOP 10 VIP clients; don’t be everything to everyone
  • No matter what phase you are at in real estate you need a business plan and a mentor to guide & keep you accountable

Listen to the audio version of Tom Panos interviews Andrew Lutze on the 7 figure Attraction Agent podcast

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