Find out how you can fast-track your real estate career in 2-3 years with these amazing tips from an agent who writes over $2 million in GCI – Marcus Chiminello. Over the last 7 years, Marcus has built a true attraction business model where 100% of his business comes from his personal BRAND and not generic call-ins to the office. Once a PA to James Tostevin, Marcus’ career proliferated when he began focussing on a niche market.

As promised, here are Marcus’ top 5 priorities for an ideal week:

  1. Start early and positively: how your day starts creates the framework for the rest of your day! Exercise, eat well because you need as much energy at 8am as you do at 7pm in this business.
  2. Dollar productive time: whether it’s 1 or 3 hours, it has to be done everyday as it’s like saving; consistency is key to see a return.
  3. A minimum of 25 face to face meetings – this could be appraisals, buyer appointments, coffee catch up with one of my VIPs etc. A face to face meeting is worth more than 10 phone calls.
  4. Stay focused – ask yourself this: “What is the next task most likely to make me money?” Then get to it straight away. Everything else is just chaos holding you back.
  5. Simplify: we as humans instinctively make this business hard for ourselves by complicating it. It’s as simple as this:
  • Health/Fitness time
  • Dollar productive time
  • Showtime
  • Family time
  • You time/social time
  • Down time

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