Mat Steinwede is known in our industry as one of Australia’s number one practicing real estate agents who educates other agents to become better and more empowered.
In part 1 of this 2 part interview, Mat reveals:

  • exactly what is required for a BIW (best in world) listing presentation
  • how to build an effective database system
  • how to be in a partnership with owners and get the highest price
  • the crucial conversations to have with vendors early-on
  • how to achieve maximum results using vendor paid advertising, and
  • just some excellent tips on making it happen!

Personally I have seen people pay thousands for this content, in this video interview, Mat is sharing this at no cost. Visit for more information on Mat including a link to The Real Estate System.

> Download and listen to the audio version of Tom Panos interviews Mat Steinwede part 1 from the 7 figure Attraction Agent podcast
> Watch part 2 of Tom Panos interviews Mat Steinwede