Matthew Scafidi shows how aspiring agents can become Attraction Agents

If you are an aspiring agent wanting to become an Attraction Agent, you can takeaway some excellent advice from Matthew Scafidi. Previously a packaging salesperson, Matthew has expanded his network to become a multiple award winning agent and is now writing $700k in GCI a year as a Director at Noel Jones.
In this real estate training interview, Matthew shares with us his:

  • Top 3 tips for writing from $200K per year in GCI to over $500K
  • Critical behaviours for selling more VPA
  • 3 level formula for helping vendors achieve the best price
  • Prospecting & Databasing strategies in the current economy
  • Strategies for using pre-listing kits to build better relationships
  • Practical tips for aspiring agents to become Attraction Agents


> Listen to the audio podcast of Tom Panos interviews Matthew Scafidi from the 7 figure Attraction Agent podcast