Megan provides a helicopter view for any agent in the marketplace who wants to build either an extraordinary sales career or run a $10m+ business.She is real, she is authentic and she is a real estate thought leader and innovator.
Part of Megan’s achievements is her commitment to running a learning organisation. She currently has her agents and their PA’s enrolled in the Real Estate Gym coaching program – success leaves clues!
You will see in this video the hidden ingredients and the internal mindset of what we see in million dollar agents.
You will also notice that the video quality has been elevated to a new level of excellence. Our partnership with Industrie Media means you will get the highest quality training in the best video format.
Very soon, Real Estate Gym members will have the ability to be held personally accountable for their goals. This means you will be able to set, measure and track your targets, key performance indicators and provide self-coaching. This new functionality will be a game changer.
As part of our commitment to Real Estate Gym members, we will continue to improve and innovate the Real Estate Gym in order to help agents to 2x their income every year and further develop million dollar agents.  

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