Imagine pulling into a service station and not having enough money to put petrol on the tank. This was Michael Clarke when he was new to real estate.

Download Michael Clarke’s Ideal Week that he mentions in this video

Things are much different now. Michael has just finished FY13/14 having written over $2.85 million in GCI with total volume of over $158 million. His average days on market are 22, with an auction clearance rate of 92%. Michael is also the founder and Director of Clarke & Humel Property (Northern Beaches, NSW) with his wife and business partner, Cherie.

In this training interview Michael reveals:

  • What it means to Prospect Religiously and how it can pay off
  • How to steer the conversation away from cost to House Price Maximisation
  • How to use social proof to sell more VPA
  • How to present info to vendors using logic and evidence
  • How to accelerate your real estate learning

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