As CEO of Mike Pero Real Estate, Mike shares with us how to fuel your success by being real estate fit after losing 9kgs in nine weeks.

Mike leads an Attraction Agent business model with majority of his team earning 2-3 times that of the avg agent. Being in the industry for 25 years, Mike has a great helicopter view since starting in the mortgage business in 1991.

  • Founded Mike Pero Real Estate (MPRE) in 2011. Today the group is the fastest national real estate brand in NZ – by percentage of franchises
  • MPRE is #23 in Deloitte Fastest 50 Companies (over 3 year period Gross T/O) in NZ
  • MPRE produces more unique TV commercials each month than any other advertiser on TV in NZ
  • Mike is a six time NZ Motorcycle Road Racing Champion – 70s 80s
  • Qualified as an Airline Pilot in the late 80s and owned two airlines in his time – AirlInk and Origin Pacific
  • Established Flight Experience and Pacific Simulators (2006) – now multi- national Franchise B737-800
  • Has five children and two grandchildren

In this interview you can learn:

    • How to stay on track and avoid complacency
    • Key attributes of million dollar agents
    • Why real estate is similar to a pilot flying a plane
    • Mike’s 3 most important business lessons
    • FREE template: Mike’s weight loss guide

Listen to the audio version of Tom Panos interviews Mike Pero on the 7 figure Attraction Agent podcast

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