Tim Heavyside is the Director and Auctioneer at Fletchers Real Estate for 11 years. He is a multiple award winning agent, writing over $1m in GCI per year over the last 5 years. Last year he sold 130 properties for a total $ 1.724m in GCI.

Key concepts you will learn from his 12 years of experience:

  • Scripts & dialogue to use at open homes and win more listings
  • How best to cold-call For Sale by owners and win the listing
  • Being the vendor’s agent and auctioneer – does it work?
  • Raising your profile and visibility
  • Structuring your team for maximum performance
  • What’s your attitude if you don’t get the listing?

Listen to the audio version of Tom Panos interviews Tim Heavyside on the 7 figure Attraction Agent podcast

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