Vivien Yap is arguably Australia’s number one female Attraction Agent at the moment. After just two years in real estate, she is already writing 7-figures in CGI. In June 2013 she wrote over $850k in fees followed by another $1 million in fees during the September quarter. Her key business strategies involve using print and online VPA to go to market and auctions to achieve a premium price.

Vivien’s outstanding success has earned her a number of significant awards, some of which includes:
– ACTON Rising Star 2012
– ACTON Overall Sales Champion 2013
– REIWA #1Rep Value Sold by Auction 2013

Vivien very early on adopted my Attraction Agent strategies via training and coaching sessions and was big on not just “knowing” but “doing” them. She took big notes, but took even bigger actions.

In addition to being a multiple award winning agent, Vivien is also a wife, mother of two young children and one of the nicest and hardest working people I know.

> Download & listen to the audio version of Tom Panos interviews Vivien Yap from the 7 figure Attraction Agent podcast