In this invigorating interview, Brian White (Joint Chairman of the Ray White Group) shares with us his helicopter view of our industry and how his unwavering passion and drive has propelled the Ray White Group to grow to 1,000 offices in Australia & NZ. Brian’s success is reflected in the humble beginnings from when his grandfather started the business to what it is today with AU$25 billion in property sales in 2012.
In this interview, Brian reveals:

  • The key traits for being a successful principal and agent
  • The real estate “Success Cycles”
  • How ambition can be harnessed to achieve incredible results
  • Are leaders born or can they be nurtured?
  • And what would Brian White say to himself if he met himself 40 years ago?

Listen to the Audio version of Tom Panos interviews Brian White part 1 and part 2 from the 7 figure Attraction Agent podcast