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Real estate success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics | Tamara Hall

Tamara Hall reveals the mindset and beliefs you need to have to unleash your full potential. At the time this interview was recorded (before...

‘Work-from-Home’ Real Estate Models – Disruptor or Fad? | Dan White

What does Dan White think of the new real estate models that have emerged since post-COVID-19? Is it sustainable to give an agent high-commission...

The 30 day Recession-Proof Bootcamp

Today is the final day where you can get 3 months FREE access to the Real Estate Gym! This is only available on the 30 day Recession-Proof Bootcamp...

This top 1% agent reveals her ‘9 points of contact’ strategy | Sonya Treloar

Sonya Treloar - Ray White Bridgeman Downs, started her career around 10 years ago during the GFC. Being a full-time mum, she had never worked a day...

Don’t hope the market gets better – hope YOU get better!

The 30-day Recession-Proof Bootcamp for Real Estate Agents starts on 20 July 2020. Register your interest on the Real Estate Gym waitlist

Crushing It during COVID-19 with Australia’s #1 agent My Cousin Vlad

How 'My Cousin Vlad' wrapped and stitched deals together during COVID-19. Plus, his advice for new agents and million dollar agents to survive the...

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