RANT: Don’t be an Arrogant Agent 🤬 You can chase listings and still be a decent human being!

Also, it seems like the Real Estate boom in Australia is running out of steam 💨 here are the signs I’ve noticed…

02:08 – Sign #1. Look at the CoreLogic RP data Listings graph. Listings are growing significantly each week. This means buyers have more choices.

03:28 – Sign #2. I’m getting around 40-50% of properties being sold prior over the recent weeks. This is a strong indicator that in 3 months, we might have more properties being passed in.

05:07 – Are you getting the listings at the moment? Crucial conversations you need to have with your vendors around price. Login to the Real Estate Gym to access 10 training videos on ‘Price’ and ‘How to get a price alignment’ and price alignment email templates.

  1. 7 Strategies to get a Price Reduction
  2. Coaching: Price Alignment
  3. Scripts & Dialogue: Price Alignment
  4. Getting a vendor to accept an offer
  5. The Price is Right (only do this if it’s COVID safe)
  6. Matthew Scafidi’s Price reduction email sample 
  7. Mark Somboli’s Price Alignment letter sample
  8. Hope-to-get vs Expected Price
  9. 3 Types of Prices, 4 Types of Buyers
  10. Charles Tarbey: Set-to-Sell Meeting


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