I am often asked by course attendees about my interest in meditation and how I used it through chemotherapy and how and why I have a meditation practise today. Below are the reasons I use it :

  • Relax the body and de-stress the mind quickly
  • Allow your body to start healing physically
  • Lift your energy levels when you need to after a meditative quick-pause-that-refreshes
  • Improve your ability to both relax and yet focus more intently on whatever you may be doing with fewer distractions to your efforts and thus
  • Improve your workplace performance and productivity
  • Give you techniques with which to get a good night’s sleep
  • Turn you inwards and get your grounded

I meditate best in the morning when my mind is alert and fresh. I listen to a cd , sit on a sofa and close my eyes. Some mornings I have a great meditation , others my mind is racy and does not become as quiet as I would like but I still get alot out of these times as well. The one secret I have learnt is to never let perfect get in the way of better. The secret is to stop chasing that 10/10 experience. The secret is to go to quiet time every day and after a few weeks you will discover why so many people around the world are closet meditators