Dr. Ross Walker is one of Australia’s leading preventative health experts, in addition to being the father of David Walker (the #1 Selling Principal in the Ray White Elite network).

In this Sunday Night Rant, Dr Walker sets the record straight on the safety issues surrounding the COVID vaccine, and offers general health advice that can help agents perform at a higher level:

05:17 – Is the COVID-19 vaccine dangerous? “It’s been fast-tracked and not properly tested. I heard it comes from animals. I’m being microchipped…”
20:24 – How to have better quality sleep
25:34 – Great news for Type 1 Diabetes patients
29:29 – The Chemist of the Future: Am I wasting my money on supplements?
31:45 – What’s the best form of exercise?
33:40 – Why diet’s don’t work, and how to safely and effectively lose weight
36:42 – Genetics vs Environment: Why all modern disease is genetic
42:42 – Why people who score high on the conscientious scale live longer

Remember, a happy agent is a successful agent!

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Dr Walker Bio: In addition to being an eminent practising cardiologist, Dr. Walker is also the author of 7 best-selling books, a Health presenter in the Australian Media, including regular appearances on Ch9’s ‘Today Show’ and ‘A Current Affair’, and Sky News, Switzer Business.