News Limited’s research recently of what are the driving factors as to why a vendor selects one agent over another is very insightful. The results of this research which is regarded as the most comprehensive quantitative research of the industry in recent times shows that agent selection criteria included the agents estimate of price and how they arrived at it, the fee for service , past track records of sales in the area, who had referred them to the agent, profile in print media and a number of other drivers.

However , the research showed out of everything , the number one reason why the vendor picked THAT AGENT was . Get ready for it. The relationship they had with the agent during the listing process, and how much they TRUSTED that agent. You see when there is trust , the terms , commission and marketing become secondary.

So next time your sitting eye ball to eye ball with a vendor, remind yourself , they don’t care how much you know , till they know how much  you care!