Over the last 3 months News Limited has conducted the largest research project in the real estate indutry and discovered a number of insights that will be shortly rolled out to the industry .

 One significant one is the factors that drove a vendor to list with an agent at the listing presentation and contrary to popular belief being the chepaest did not score high as to why a vendor selected that agent.

The top 3 factors that which influenced the vendor in the decision were the following:

1.Good personality

2.Agents explanation and evidence on price

3.Past track record of sales in the area

4.Quality of marketing proposal

The bottom 3 were

1.Lowest commission

2.Agent proposing a higher sale price

3.Low marketing cost

This research of 360 vendors clearly illustrates that a quality agent can attract a quality fee and vendors are highly influenced by a quality marketing plan , and having trust with an agent at the listing presentation will make the terms of the agreement of a secondary nature