00:00 It’s November, and this month is the month you’re going in giving your marketplace your view of what’s gonna happen over the next six months, because this is the strategy we use every November to secure and vacuum all the listings out of the market ready for January.
00:22 What’s the strategy? It’s really simple. Because right now, as you’re watching this video, there are a group of vendors that have made the psychological decision that they’re not gonna come onto the market till the new year. You’re aware of these people. They’ve sort of had a conversation with you, you’ve already popped in and done an appraisal, what the call is gonna sound like is this; “Mr and Mrs Vendor. I’m calling you today because we’re concerned about the marketplace. We’re seeing on a weekly basis that buyers are becoming less and less. This is concerning ’cause we believe that this might impact prices in the new year. What I’d like to do is to re-familiarise myself, pop in one day and have a look at your property and give you an updated view of what it’s worth. And what I’d also like to do is just to have a chat to you about what some smart vendors are doing at the moment to beat the other vendors in the marketplace.”
01:31 And when you go over and you visit the vendors, here is the basis of the conversation; “Mr and Mrs Vendor. I know you don’t plan to come onto the market until the new year, but being November now, what I can say to you is that what some of our vendors are choosing to do, and they do every November, is that we actually list the property but we don’t launch it. This strategy is list now, launch January.
02:00 “And what happens is I put that listing in my top pocket as a pocket listing, and if a buyer comes along and is looking for something exactly like yours I can tell him about your property. But we’re not gonna actually do a formal marketing campaign so it’s not gonna affect you. There’s no advertising, there’s no open for inspections. But all I’m saying is if I get that buyer that’s got top dollar, I wanna tell them about your house.
02:27 “The other thing is this; over Christmas and early January, websites like realestate.com.au Say that they get record number of views on their websites. It’s because people have time and people make new year’s resolutions that they’re gonna get into real estate or make a move or invest. What I’d like to say to you is this; if you’re not on the market, I won’t be able to tell them about your property. So, what I’d like to do is put your property on our books quietly. If a buyer comes along, fantastic. If not, when we start the new year what’s gonna happen is that we’re gonna have an advantage over all the other listings that come onto the market because we would have booked in a videographer, we would have booked in a photographer, we’d have the auctioneer booked, we would have done all our marketing. And you’re gonna come on the market with a first-mover advantage. Why’s that important? You don’t wanna be on the market with too much competition. You’d rather be on the market in isolation.
03:31 “And what I’m saying to you, Mr and Mrs Vendor is this; I’m worried because we might not be able to get your price that you want if we actually come onto the market when the market gets saturated with listings.”
03:44 Guys and girls, this is a really important video. You’re gonna end up going to Christmas and having a good break if you’ve actually secured lots of stock. Secure the stock, don’t take people’s word for it. You think you’re gonna get this listing when you come back on the 15th, 20th, 25th of January, you know what happens? They talk to friends, friends or family, other agents are talking to them. I’m telling you, nothing happens until that agency agreement is signed, and what I’m saying is that this is a good strategy to go in and actually get control of stock.
04:19 You need to go to Christmas knowing what stock levels you’ve got in the new year. I don’t want you to be the real estate agent that comes back, they’ve put on five kilos over Christmas, they’ve got no stock and they end up having a terrible first quarter and then they’re looking at April and they’re already behind the eight ball. You wanna have a great break by going hard now. There’s about seven weeks left to the end of this year. I’m saying what you’ve gotta do is go in all in, have no plan B, go hard, treat it like a sprint. Go in, get on the phones, call every appraisal you’ve ever done and speak to them about this importance of you popping in and giving them an updated idea of the value of their home and then what you’ve gotta do is try and convert that into a pocket listing ready to come onto the market next year.
05:04 Now, if they wanna come onto the market this year, that’s fantastic. But I know that some people are sitting on the fence, thinking, “Hey, you know, with five, six, seven weeks to Christmas, maybe now is not the right time.” Might not be the right time to come onto the market formally with a marketing campaign, but it is the right thing to come on as a pocket listing.
05:23 Guys and girls, go hard. Seven weeks to go!

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