This program is only available to members in the Real Estate Gym

You’re here because you want a smarter way to prospect, get more listings, become a better negotiator and grow your database and truly build an Attraction business model where people come to you.

Over the last 18 years, I have been training, coaching and interviewing the top real estate agents across Australia. I’ve learnt the most powerful methods, ideas, tactics and strategies that million dollar agents are using to grow their sales business. I have packaged these golden nuggets into an online video coaching program: “9 weeks to your best real estate year ever”

The doors will open in early June and will be open for a short period as I am only releasing a limited number of memberships. This 9 week online coaching program will cover:

  • How you can generate more listing opportunities using smart lead generation techniques, not the old cold calling, traditional prospecting that is regularly taught
  • Scripts and dialogues to handle the most common objections an agent faces
  • How to get a higher fee and overcome agents who cut commissions
  • How to separate yourself in the new digital world and deliver a listing presentation that connects with your vendors
  • How to disarm your competitors using modern sales methods, by positioning yourself as a trusted advisor; a marketing based attraction agent
  • The most critical behaviours 7 figure agents are using and constructing them into an ideal week

This program is only available to members in the Real Estate Gym

Most training courses would get you pumped and excited for a few days and then you often find that you return to your normal behaviour. “9 weeks to your best year ever” is an online coaching program that I have personally designed to help you create permanent change.

Unlike other training and coaching programs that focus on trying to motivate you, this training is content based. Each of the 9 modules will be packed with actions steps so you can start getting more listings and making more sales from day 1.

I will be your personal coach in this program to make sure the behavior sticks, is brain tattooed and does not disappear like most training does a few days after the event.

Change is hard. My goal is over the next 9 weeks, is to help you rewrite your agreement with reality and provide you with 100x the value of your investment. Together we can create your best year in real estate – ever!

Tom Panos
Your real estate coach

This program is only available to members in the Real Estate Gym

Here’s what some of the leading authorities in real estate are saying:

“Tom Panos is Australia’s best real estate coach. He’s actually walked the talk and he knows better than anyone I know how to teach others that same success.” John McGrath, CEO McGrath Estate Agents

“Tom is an exceptional trainer with content that is relevant to every agent operating in the current market, with a focus on the best scripts and dialogue that will undoubtedly generate more listing opportunities.” James Tostevin, Director Marshall White

“Tom Panos is an absolute standout and thought provoking leader in the real estate coaching and speaking field.” Marcus Chiminello, Director Marshall White

“Tom Panos is the no. 1 Real Estate Coach in Australia. He delivers real information that works and is used by many of the leading agents in the country. It is the best training in the country.” Mat Steinwede, Sales Agent McGrath Estate Agents Terrigal

“Tom Panos is arguably Australia’s most respected and trusted real estate trainers. He is the guy that mentors me and I trust his judgement implicitly.” Daniel Hayes, Managing Director Hayeswinckle Agent

“Tom Panos is undoubtedly one of the country’s most progressive real estate thought leaders on what the best agents are doing to maintain their market dominance.” Mike Green, Managing Director Harcourts International

“Tom Panos is the clear authority on real estate marketing and branding in this country. His techniques work in growing vendor paid advertising instantly.” Charles Tarbey, Chairman Century 21

“Tom interviews and studies the real estate industry leaders and as a result delivers some of the best training in the country.” Paul Curtain, Director Place Real Estate

“Tom Panos is an authority of real estate marketing in Australia.” Brian White, Chairman Ray White

“Tom Panos is the expert in real estate advertising and vendor paid marketing in Australia” Angus Raine, CEO Raine and Horne

“Tom is one of Australia’s (the world’s) best real estate trainers. He is authentic, passionate, up to date and always provides actual factual take always which you can implement in your business immediately to 2x your commission.” Alex Ouwens, Director Ouwens Casserly Real Estate

“Tom Panos lives and breathes the powerful messages he delivers to agents across the country. Nothing inspires like a credible and authentic role model and Tom is indeed a great example of “do as I do!” (Not what I say).” Dane Atherton, Managing Director Harcourts Coastal

This program is only available to members in the Real Estate Gym