Confused? Let me explain

This is the formula that marketing agents across Australia use to get that premium price when selling Real Estate. It stands for the following: A premium price is achieved by having world class marketing (WCM) + world class negotiation skills (WCN) + emotional connection (EC) + competitive bidding (CB)

When all these four variables are working in synergy you get that premium in the market place for a property. Let’s face it your job is not to sell real estate, anyone can do that, even the vendor. What you bring to the table is getting that last $ on the table by executing this formula everytime you take on a new listing.

So the next time you have a vendor that asks you to cut corners, just remind them that this whole project is not just about finding a buyer to buy their home, it’s about finding 4 or 5 of the best buyers, getting them to fall inlove with the property and then fighting for it.

Hey does this sound like an auction?