In 2011, one of the most common topics debated is that of what effect print media has to the result of selling a property.

The online only proponents suggest that all their enquiry comes from web portals and hence they do not recommend the use of print to a vendor. (Ironically, if you don’t do any marketing in print how can you expect to get any enquiries from that source)

The marketing based agents on the other hand believe that you need both print and online, as they work hand in hand. Offline driving online and online driving offline.

In research conducted by Gill Davies in his book “Sell for More” where data used from Rismark and RP Data it clearly showed that you will sell a property faster and for more money if you combine the use of print and online media. Logically, this is hardly surprising. It is more amazing that anyone would seriously suggest you could obtain the same results with fewer people knowing about the property.

In research conducted by News Ltd in 2010, it was clear that buyers get inspired looking at print media and go online to get further information about the property of interest to see more images, floor plans and virtual tours. Then usually an email is sent off to an agent who automatically corresponds another successful enquiry coming from online. Unfortunately for the print media industry technology does not measure the behaviour of the buyer moving from print media to a website but does measure the email enquiry to the agent.

 There is no doubt that in certain areas internet enquiries are more profound, but what is common right around the country is the simple fact that real estate is essentially “a bums on seats” game. The more people that see it, the larger the chance you will get that premium buyer that pays that premium price.

The ideal marketing campaign for a property should include the following:

  • Signboard
  • Brochures
  • Agent database
  • Flyers
  • Window Display
  • Magazines
  • Online
  • Social Media
  • Print

As you read this I’m sure that many of you may feel that I have a vested interest in what I’m saying due to my role at News Ltd. However I would like just to clarify that one does not have to look to far to see that essentially the best real estate practitioners around Australia are also the leading advertisers in print media whether it is News Ltd or another publisher.

Success does leave clues….