1. I will play the numbers game in prospecting and ask for VPA. Some will say yes. Some will say no. Some will say later.
  2. I will start my day with a positive ritual (such as exercise, positive audio book or YouTube video) because generally how I start my day, is how my day unfolds
  3. I will call every open house visitor and ask them, “By the way, most of the people I am meeting at opens are either upgrading or downsizing, what are you doing at this time?”
  4. I will work on 90 day action plans – not long term uninspiring goals
  5. I will run to my fears. As Robin Sharma says “What you resist will persist – what you befriend you transcend”
  6. I will have an attitude of gratitude (if you have a $2 coin you are richer than 70% of the world’s population)
  7. I will set my own personal development plan with my own agenda. FYI mine is the University of Tom Panos!
  8. I will move from a push strategy and move to a pull strategy by moving from sameness to uniqueness
  9. I will make better a choice today so I will have a better day tomorrow
  10. I will not let my personal history get in the way of my future destiny
  11. I will exercise and become addicted to the endorphins (the alternative is worse)
  12. I will act as if it’s impossible to fail
  13. I will stop trying to fit in and start trying to stand out (just be yourself)
  14. I will not play it safe – I will take risks to become great
  15. I will become a carrier of enthusiasm
  16. I will have a question based listing presentation, not a statement based presentation
  17. I will out listen my competitors
  18. I will get in early, work harder, and stay later. I will not just do my best- I will do what is required!
  19. I will delay gratification and be disciplined to do what most people won’t, so I can have what most people won’t
  20. I will be the best ME – because everyone else is taken


What will you do in 2013?