BRAND is what they are saying about you when you’re not in the room. Below are some tips of standing out like a TALL building in a crowded real estate market place:

  • Your picture, your social media pages, your advertising, are all BRAND personality enablers and make sure the identity remains consistent
  • Have a USP but don’t make it price. Reasons being: firstly, you won’t make much money; secondly, it can be copied easily
  • Up-skill your vendor paid marketing capabilities. Apart from it being a vendor enabler, more marketing will attract more vendors like a magnetic attraction model
  • The two dimensions to being a BRAND AGENT is reputation and reach. No point having a great reputation if only one person knows it. You need 1000’s knowing it
  • Your name is the most important component of your BRAND. It needs to be everywhere
  • What you look like is part of your BRAND identity. It is worth losing weight, wearing tailored made clothing perfect for your body, and looking your best. People make up their minds about you within the first 20 seconds of meeting you
  • Your behaviour is part of your BRAND. So make sure your video matches your audio: What you say = What you do
  • Great BRAND AGENTS avoid sameness because being the same makes you invisible in 2013. If you don’t stand for something – you will be standing for nothing
  • A smile is the fastest and cheapest way to enhance your personal BRAND. People love a smiling agent at an open house
  • When you’re a BRAND AGENT it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you


You are your own Brand Manager – Tell me, how do you manage your brand?