Are you a good boss? Or are you working for a good boss?
Could 16% of Real Estate Principals in Australia be deluded?

I sat down with Kylie Davis, Head of Marketing at CoreLogic RP Data who shares the headline results from the “Real Estate of Leadership in Australia 2017″ survey conducted by CoreLogic RP Data and Tanja Jones. This is a must-watch for all Principals and Directors in Australia.
2:08 – How good are principals at leadership?
3:00 – What impact does self-improvement & education have on leadership?
5:11 – The 3 styles of leadership – which one are you?
6:46 – Is there a correlation between financial performance and leadership?
7:48 – Habits of good leadership
12:06 – What areas do Principals excel at?
13:05 – What can Principals do to perform better?

DOWNLOAD: Real Estate Leadership Results 2017 – Executive Summary

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